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I’ll just bullet point my return on this. I don’t know if there’s much point moving it to somewhere like the relationship thread or whatever because it’s not something we’re really here to discuss so I think it’ll peter out naturally but I’ve a few things I want to clarify here.

• Based on documentaries I’ve watched, both on Netflix and outside there, the main two reasons why porn dipped in profit was piracy created free content and the change over from DVD to digital. Free, easily available content on-line was by far the biggest factor.

• By ‘a lot of people’ I don’t mean the majority of people, I just mean a lot.

• Those stats tell a very insular story. A story of people finding a quick 15 minutes alone. It doesn’t take into account people who may find a few hours - time spent looking for a particular type of video, which there is plenty of memes about, fetish interest, interest in watching whole scenes at varying intervals, enjoyment of watching or following a particular star and the fact that half the population of Earth isn’t psychologically or physically prepared to ‘crank one out’ in two minutes.

• People look for better creation values in absolutely every form of entertainment may it be gaming, music, youtube, television, movies, art, live concerts, theatre, comics… I have no idea why you think porn would be otherwise. Books is maybe the only exception, but porn certainly isn’t.

• My source on what women enjoy is based on my current partner, my last partner, my partner before that, and the one before that - in fact all but one over the past, say, 12 years preferred high production value and storytelling while only one preferred amateur stuff because she liked feeling like she was peering into someone’s privacy. I’m very open about this, have been for a long time and have also discussed it with close female friends. Narrative is very important to women, that’s why 50 shades did so well. Erotic books are a big market, and on screen women like strong fantasies, extremely attractive performers and very dirty intent and actions on what looks like a decent budget. The closer to cinema movies, the better. Here’s how Marie Clair discusses porn if you don’t believe me.

• People do want story with some sexy bits like GOT but they also want to watch intricate, passionate, and pretty hardcore sexual acts (at least what would have been considered extreme 10 years ago) and ones they may never even try, in HD, and a reason for those acts happening in the first place - A narrative. That’s something even amateur stuff has, if you look at the titles describing them.

• By story I don’t mean a pizza guy turning up and a few badly acted lines being exchanged. I mean narrative, which can be achieved in a lot of ways, montage is usually the best for porn I’ve found - Two guys arrive at club, two guys meet two girls, the girls dance with the men procatively, all four leave club - You want to know where that goes next? Of course you do, because narrative.

•You say porn fulfills a need and i say it can be entertainment too, and the fact is it’s both which is why it’s so prevalent on the internet and why it gets watched by so many people when it’s so readily available. The audience is there because it’s literally everyone who has some sort of interest in sex and satisfaction in that area. The idea that people wouldn’t take advantage of a Netflix add-on that had high quality porn is crazy. Governments are having to change their outlook on porn because society is being forced to as so many of us use it regularly. The taboo aspect is dropping away at a pretty astonishing rate and most people under thirty have grown up with easy acces to hardcore pornography so it’s hard to make an argument outside of a religious one that it has any sort of detrimental effect. The general public will continue to make porn socially acceptable and at least one huge, pay-subscription, porn streaming site is inevitable.


I’m glad he’s back on BBC. Can’t wait for this.


I don’t agree with the majority of what you’re saying, but like you say, this ain’t probably the thread, or I dunno, I’ll let a mod chime in…

However, in terms of service providers like Netflix having a porn add-on subscription thingie, which was the original thread here, I still think they’d be better served with having “spicier” regular content, rather than a full on porn library on offer. Besides everything I’ve already argued, that would allow them to easily censor the spicy content if need be and still use that content, so it’s a better investment overall.


You’d be amazed at how few shits we give.


Literally, “no shit”.


Not true. I’m considering banning you just for posting that.


Spicy content isn’t enough these days, a softcore porn option would be laughed off the internet.


Two colleagues were discussing topless scenes in movies, I asked them why they gave a damn since porn was freely available?

“These are bonus boobies.”

So even with explicit sex on demand, people still like a bit of titillation too.


Oh yeah for sure, honestly I like things with nudity automatically better than without. It’s more “real” I guess…



This show is going to be incredible. It’ll be a worldwide phenomenon. Matt Lanter is about to be a household name.


Mark Millar‘s multi-generational superhero epic Jupiter’s Legacy is one of the biggest series in development at Netflix, and we’re starting to get word regarding the cast. Multiple sources tell Collider that Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb will play the two married leads, with Andrew Horton and Elena Kampouris playing their children, and Ben Daniels and Matt Lanter playing Duhamel’s brother and best friend, respectively.

All good actors. First hurdle jumped.

I hope we get some costume tests and art soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the translation from page to screen.


I’m more interested in the release date, which I’m not expecting anytime soon… u_u


In what world is Josh Duhamel a good actor?


Probably this one considering he got an Emmy.


That maybe the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

Edit: oh never mind, it’s a daytime Emmy. Those don’t count.


You’re welcome.




I know who Josh Duhamel is, but can’t think of anything I’ve seen him in…I do like Matt Lanter, though, so that’s cool.


Transformers would be the main one…



So, where’s Hutch?