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Ah right… oh well…

I hope it’s fun either way…


Well, Vigilando now having a working relationship with Netflix might help things along on the other thing, too.


This gives a whole new meaning to the term “streaming service”:


Youtube premium have the jump on her with Youtube premium (they pay 45 dollars per 1000 views and pretty much every large well known site is signed up), and even if she does reasonably well, they’ll buy her out just like everyone else.

It would take someone already established, like Netflix themselves, to make a service that could go up against the major players because the turnover is stilted in certain ways compared to normal entertainment. You’d need money and clout to really put up a decent challenge.

A streaming service like this will come, but I think the time has passed for it to come from a new independent venture like this.




I meant every word.


It’s all about the market penetration.



Ehh… I don’t know, most people won’t pay for porn, specially when there are soooo many “free” options out there.


Netflix need to add porn. But really the virtual reality guys need to get this figured out. They’d make billions overnight.

Get on it Pornhub!



There’s lot of people who do though, because people are into all sorts of stuff and sometimes a badly edited and awful quality video shoved on pornhub just doesn’t give them what they need. 90% of the porn on porn hub is monotonous trash or far too short, especially from a women’s point of view.


I think they have VR porn videos on there already, because they are super weird looking on a flat screen. Like some sort of DMT nightmare.


There… fixed. Also, yeah sure, but there’ve been many pay sites, none survived over the years. Aaaand sites like purnhub have premium options with better stuff on them. Also there’s a lot more sites than just pornhub.

As for VR porn, already exists, but won’t really be a thing until VR headsets are affordable and common enough for it to matter… Porn guys are always on top of new tech, but there’s no point in heavily investing in something that remains, and might forever remain, niche, essentially.


Nah, too easy.


Well, I did choose my words carefully =P


There’s literally hundreds of pay sites who are surviving pretty easily and making money on PornhubPremium. Some sites make upwards of $100,000 per year.

*that’s a ranking website with no actual porn but if you are in work don’t obviously click it.


YouTube channels make millions. With a bit of advertising I’d expect porn to make the same. I mean all these people aren’t degrading themselves for nothing.

Anyway, Netflix could deliver a higher class of porn. Or lower depending on what you’re into.


Yeah I don’t wanna get into the nitty gritty, but most of those “sites” on that list are network hubs, and that’s a whole other thing (they make a lot of money with ad revenue and other ways)…

We’re talking about a service provider like Netflix, that’s a whole other thing.

Also, let’s say Netflix did get into porn… Would you expect them to produce their own porn movies and content? 'cause I doubt that’d ever happen… It’s more likely they would license content, and I’m not sure that’d be super profitable. And if they did create their own content, there’s no way they could compete in terms of volume with any other porn site.

The porn industry isn’t borken (business-wise) so don’t expect any big changes or upheavals in the near future.


I know how it works, there is plenty of revenue in subscribers without that, what you are talking about is nothing to do with what original content sites like Kink and Fake Taxi make. Let’s take a small oc site like Fake Taxi or even Hookup Hotshot. Their videos cost between 1000-2000 pounds to produce weekly (but I would say usually 1200 at the very most for either). Say their membership costs $100 a year, which is pretty standard, that’s only 648 members they need before they start making profit. Trust me when I tell you that both have a LOT more members than that. Now, in conjunction with Pornhub they are providing downlodable content at a price they set themselves.

Yeah, Netflix has hundreds of oc makers to choose from if they wanted to do so and you imagine how many men and women thoughout the world would upgrade their netflix for 5 dollars to get great looking, high quality porn videos. It’s a no-brainer. Porn content costs absolutely buttons per minute screen time compared to absolutely anything Netflix make or licence. Pretty much every man I know watches it and a lot of the women I know, especially under thirty. I havnt been in a relationship where we haven’t watched porn together in about 12 years. It shocks me that no streaming service taking advantage of this already.

It isn’t, not anymore, but it’s still not making what it should in the ways it wants to.