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I binge-read all of The Boys at Christmas, and I thought it was pretty bad overall. The entire first half is just a long string of bad “superheroes are gay” jokes. I say jokes, it’s mostly one joke, repeated over and over. I say “joke,” it’s not a funny joke.

The second half moves into a more standard action comic, but there’s nothing in there that isn’t done better elsewhere. Most of the characters are awful, and almost none of them are really developed at all in 72 issues. The only female character of note is Annie, and the storyline with her and Hughie dating without knowing each others secrets goes on ridiculously long.

There’s some good moments, like the twist with Black Noir, and Robertson and Braun’s art is good, but the bad seriously outweighed the good for me.

Anyway, I hope the TV series is better.


That looks great. I’m looking forward to it. Plus, I love me some Robert Sheehan.



That looks a lot better than the first teaser that didn’t have any show footage and just looked cheap.


Looks fantastic. Can’t wait.


I hated The Boys comic. I’ve found a lot of Ennis’ stuff since Preacher to be an attempt to shock for the sake of shocking. I don’t regret selling those.

I will probably give the show a few episodes but I don’t have high hopes.



He seems to have got bored with that a decent time ago, probably around halfway through The Boys run. I think his last Fury mini series is one of the finest comics out there.

I also hated The Boys at the start but I differ from Paul in that I did get swayed by the second half of it and found the character work good (although it was mostly in the minis and one-offs). The adaptation does have the opportunity not to be as uneven.


I think both trailers looked absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to see these. It’s going to be a hell of a TV summer.




There is Shock Ennis and there is Serious Ennis and the two don’t cross over much, but Serious Ennis is where his best work of recent years is to be to be found - mostly war stories. He cannot write a bad one.


His latest Punisher in Vietnam book was amazing.


I had assumed Mancini would produce but this is a fascinating combination so it bodes well for the show.


Just hope it’s better than Cult of Chucky.
It has to be.



My understanding is that it’s a continuation of Cult.


Well, of course, Mancini hasn’t made it any secret he has this whole storyline he wants to do.
I just hope it’s better than Cult.