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You’re starring at boobs?


The company’s share of losses in Hulu deepened in fiscal 2018, when Disney booked $580 million in red ink. The Burbank entertainment giant, which jointly owns the streaming service along with Fox, Comcast and WarnerMedia, said the losses reflect the streaming service’s increased spending on programming and marketing that was partially offset by growing ad and subscription revenue. Disney doesn’t break out how much money it received from Hulu in in programming license fees.

In fiscal 2017, Disney’s portion of Hulu’s losses was $421 million.


Title of my autobiography.



And I was telling other German people about it only yesterday after watching Get Out!


Next year’s season. Still no date for S3.


Does it make me an asshole that I think she’s too attractive to play Margaret Thatcher?


I think you’d be more of an asshole if you thought she was unattractive enough to be Margaret Thatcher.


Either way, we now all have to prepare for the confusing experience of being attracted to Margaret Thatcher.


I’ve had just about all I can take of this terrible time line :sob::sob::sob:


I’d say it’s more confusing that Peter Morgan thought to cast his girlfriend as Margaret Thatcher.





Man, I hope that show is going to be as awesome as all the stills from it are.





I’m currently locked into 12 months of Hulu for $1 per month until December.


Nightflyers is going to be on Netflix in the UK and Ireland as of February 1st