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Their predictive algorithms are pretty sophisticated and it’s the kind of dynamic I imagine they’re used to sharing internally.

I think the relaxing about viewing figures is about playing defense against the upcoming new Streamers poised to take away their customer base. Netflix are realizing that content isn’t enough - they can’t rely on viewers discovering content, they need to be directed towards it. I understand why they do this on a limited basis, rather than showing every viewing figure for every movie and show.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this is why Netflix is releasing numbers: Netflix forecast misses Wall Street view, shares dip

They’re trying to nudge the stock back up.


Their share price has gone up 50% in the last 3 weeks!


Yes and I think they are right.

I slagged off Netflix for being too limited in their global scope in just covering a handful of countries when the internet has global scope - they did a mass launch in nearly 200 countries.

I slagged them off for not making any effort at local marketing, just dumping a US anglocentric product out there with the same pricing regardless of incomes - in another thread I just pointed out they have really fixed that. (As the article I linked to says one of the original shows they quote numbers on is in Spanish).

Others have slagged them off for just shoving content up there pretty unannounced and under any radar. Now we see this.

I think it’s a good sign in your business if you can course correct like that.


Indeed. It’s been a big criticism I’ve had of Netflix (I’ve expressed it once or twice around these parts). They have tons of content, but they’ve relied a bit too much on word of mouth or people just stumbling across it for a lot of it.

The streaming game is still pretty young, but it’s encouraging to see that Netflix seems to be learning quickly and adjusting things accordingly.


Netflix don’t have the same marketing influence that the major channels do. Companies like Universal and Disney do, so TV and internet marketing is pretty expensive for them. So they tend to focus on the service itself with flashes of each program rather than dedicating airtime to new events. They marketing playing field isn’t even. Plus they’ve realized that social media is probably the best marketing tool so they rely on viewers to promote their shows, which has worked in the most part with their main shows.

Netflix continue to offer something we’ve never seen before. Rather than a TV channel where you tune into a show every week you’re basically buying a library pass, and right now they’re trying to fill the library with new books as all the popular ones are being taken away. Viewing figures don’t matter at all - only the subscription matters. I think it’s confusing for everyone in how different their attitude is.


Oddly, I think Netflix have gotten worse at showing me stuff in their catalogue in the last year and a bit. The current version of recently added is basically identical to the front screen unless you go and change the sorting method - which isn’t clearly labelled on the screen. And you can’t sort by genre for movies and TV shows any more, you can only do one or ther other at a time. It’s slightly frustrating.

Plus they mailed me three times this month to let me know Star Trek Discovery was coming back. No shit guys!


Finding things is still a chore, no doubt. One big complaint I have with Netflix (and I’m sure I’m not alone). Is the constantly changing home screen. Sometimes My List is at the top, sometimes it’s in the middle, sometimes it’s not present at all. Same with the Continue Watching part. Their “Newly Added” section is bonkers. It’ll show me stuff that was added months ago while not showing things that are actually new. I’d also appreciate a “Watched” section and tag because some shows just stay in my Continue Watching section for months despite the fact that I’ve finished them.

They still have a lot of things to work out, but I do think they know that.


Their interface is tough, but I’m not sure if there’s a good example of how it should be done. How do you display thousands of options if not by keyword searching.

It feels like we want to replicate the Blockbuster video experience of walking through the isles, but it had exactly the same issues as the online experience. You can sort by genre like you do in books but that might not be ideal. And you can’t have a top 50 list as it might not show you anything you want to watch. Really it’s the kind of tool you have to learn to navigate, rather than have it be smart enough to predict what you want to see.


The thing that drives me nuts about the continue watching option is everything you don’t watch to the very end goes there. So mine is full I’ve films I finished but didn’t watch the credits of.


Oh yeah, that’s annoyed me enough that I’ll go in and fast forward through all the credits just to get it to drop off. It doesn’t always work…


It’s so weird too, they have the option to skip the title sequence but don’t have an algorithm that can tell when you’ve reached the credits.


As an example of how bad Netflix is at showing you things, I searched for 80s cartoons the other day (I think using that term, or one the service suggested) and the only relevant result was Real Ghostbusters. A few days later, while going through the catalogue, I found He-Man, She-Ra and the Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon.


This came out in 1990, so maybe Netflix was being ultra-pedantic.


It did? Huh. I always assumed it was 80s, because it was packed with Captain N for a while.


This is a problem with online stuff. I find with Marvel Unlimited and Comixology you get the same problem if you skip things like the house ads at the back. It probably does need a marker of when the content ends rather than the full running time or pages in the case of the comics.


Yeah, Comixology at least has a “Mark as Read” option.

I think with Netflix you manually delete something from your history, which will stop it showing up.


I’m not Gen Z at all, very much X, but I do it too. It started when I rented a place for a year that was on the main flightpath so I’d miss crucial dialogue as a 747 flew past the window but even after moving I kept using it. My Netflix is set to default with subtitles. I don’t have ADHD but I did find it help with the odd muffled line and miss it if it isn’t there.


Yeah, my mother has it on all the time too.


I do it a lot, too. Mainly when I’m eating or for some BBC shows.

My mum is the same but isn’t quite sure how to turn it off. One day I walked in and she had the normal volume, audio description and subtitles all on during Home and Away.

This is also me watching something when the subs are on…