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Well this sucks.


We disagree. I think he just had a lot of stuff to say he could not say on the air. I do think he may have doe “one Olympics too many”. But I generally liked his work.


It’s SyFy, why is anyone surprised? They’re practically a show serial killer.


Four seasons is hardly a short run.


That looks terrible.




That reminds me that I need to watch the rest of season one.


Can’t fucking wait.



If you don’t get around to it, we’ll have to send Smoothie round.



Legion, Happy!, Preacher… We still got a lot of goodies coming our way. I hope The Boys is good, and I’m still interested in American Gods S2, but I’m not too excited about Watchmen, unfortunately.

Still, all these cool series soften the blow of DD getting cancelled and the inevitable ending of GoT, so that’s neat =P


Netflix seems a lot keener recently to reveal numbers, after sharing none they’ve done a few in the last 3 weeks. I mean it all comes from them rather than any independent source and is hard to compare as usually ratings are given by individual country.

I don’t really know how they count individual episodes or how long people watched but they do look pretty high. Something like Sex Education at 40m looks like a Channel 4 show that would max out at 3m ratings in the UK but I have no idea how many people watched something similar like Skins across every country. I know at least one German watched it. :smile:


I think they’ve realised that viewing figures can be good marketing. Maybe Mark had a word with them about it?

The big question is how that actually ties into their choices? They’re after long term subscription loyalty rather than selling advertising during shows. It’s great that millions watch something, but does that mean they’re more likely to keep paying Netflix?


It’s one of those things that’s clearly connected, they need the shows to be watched for people to want to keep paying but it’s in no way as individually important as the old ad driven model.

I agree that I think more than anything it’s good marketing. You tell people loads of people want to watch these shows and they are more tempted to check them out.


It should be pointed out that they’re not saying 40m people have watched the show; they’re claiming that it’s on track for that after a month. It’s only been a week. It’s very fishy.


Without an external third party to measure or verify the figures, I think the whole thing needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.


Yes ‘on pace’ is what they say.

I suspect anyway it is doing well as I doubt they’d crow about it otherwise but as comparable metrics to anything else it’s all very sketchy. It’s not a model that necessarily needs immediacy anyway, I watched ‘The Keepers’ documentary series because someone I follow on Twitter said it was good, it had been up there for a year.

I thought it was very good so it is part of what will make me continue to subscribe.


And vinegar. And chips.