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That looks…ungood.

I’ll watch the Dylan O’Brien episode because I like the actor a lot, but not much else.


This one I guess… “Let’s just do it and be legends, man.”


I need to track that article down.
It’s brilliant.


Damn, forgot to include the link


This came today.

A Blu-Ray set of all eight BBC series.

I’ve started watching it and it looks… well, it looks like you would expect a 1980s show shot on videotape to look. It’s far from being sharp and well-defined, but they’ve given it an overhaul and bumped up the colour a bit (which is particularly noticeable in the early grey-walled series).

Not quite as great-looking as the recent H2G2 series release, but probably as good as it’s ever going to look.




I’ve been rewatching the show on Amazon over the past couple of weeks - must have watched 3-4 seasons. It all hangs on the charm of the actors as the scripts are pretty ropey and the plots get farcical pretty quickly. It’s not a good show, but the cast are so watchable they always made it great. In later seasons it really comes through how much they’re riding the nostalgia wave of a built up fanbase rather than making something new and modern. It feels like a repeat of a 90’s comedy show rather than something for the modern era.

I’d like to see the story wrapped up. I think it’s a bit of a shame they never really advanced the crew. It’s the kind of idea that in different hands could be a really great sci-fi show, but in the sitcom trappings it’s always a bit monster-of-the-week. I’ve spent so much time with the characters that I think it’d be great if they made one season that actually ended Lister’s journey and gave them all a happy ending.


Is why I got my copies of Better Than Life or, barring that, Last Human on hand.


They have considered doing a ‘final’ episode before.

It’s one of my all-time favourite shows, and I think the first six series are pretty great with relatively few duds. After that it gets more hit and miss (most of series 7 and the entirety of series 8 are pretty crap).

The more recent shows made for Dave (the channel, not me) are ok but never quite recaptured the old magic. There are some good ideas in there but it feels a bit pantomime at times and they overplay the nostalgia at times.

I’ll always love it though. It fell squarely in ‘my era’ and I’ve been delighted that my daughter has started watching it with me over the past couple of years and really enjoying it. She likes the humour (the Cat in particular) and it’s been a fun way to introduce her to some cool sci-fi ideas.



Wow, that proposed season 8 finale sound aggressively awful.

I don’t think the show would ever benefit from an actual ending. Better to just leave them all just endlessly travelling (though maybe have them find Kochanski as a bit of closure).

Didn’t the novels do a more concrete ending (or two, when they split between the two writers)?


Two final books.
One has a definitive ending.
The other is just another adventure.

Although, the ending of the Better Than Life novel is pretty conclusive in its own right.


I feel like Better Than Life (the final Grant/Naylor novel), Last Human (the Doug Naylor solo novel) and Backwards (the Rob Grant solo novel) all have endings in their own way. Although Better Than Life is a bit more of a cliffhanger (although not as much as Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers).

Last Human is a pretty conclusive ending that does away with a lot of the status quo, while Backwards is a nice suggestion that Lister’s home is ultimately Red Dwarf, not Earth, and that his true place in the universe is with Cat, Kryten and Rimmer. I think I prefer the latter.


Most of series 8 was aggressively awful, so it fits.


I don’t know if you watched any of the Dave series, but the final episode of Series XII (the most recent series) put a nice cap on things, with an extended nostalgic callback all the way back to the earliest days of the show, while also leaving the crew alone in space, endlessly travelling together, by the end. It would work well as a Last Ever Episode if it needs to.


Was that the one with Rimmer reality hopping?


Yep. The one where Norman Lovett came back (again).


I’ve been going through the Blu-Ray set and it’s a real mixed bag. Some of the episodes look better than they ever have before, while others have suffered from whatever process they’ve used to uprez the existing versions - occasional weird distortion effects, a distracting grainy quality (particularly for the very early series) and odd flickering/strobing for stuff like overlaid text and visual effects.

That said, this is a really comprehensive set - all the extras from all eight DVD sets have been ported over (including some great documentaries), plus all the extras from the ‘Bodysnatcher’ DVD set - recreations of ‘lost’ unmade episodes, the original (much longer and rougher) cut of The End, and more.

The only thing missing is the ‘Remastered’ episodes of Series I-III that they did in the mid-90s, which were awful anyway (edited scenes that butchered episodes, model shots replaced with crap CGI etc.), so no great loss.


I think I prefer the Better Than Life ending, for similar reasons for why you prefer the Backward ending.
Because it does end with pretty much the same result - but now Lister gets to have at least the chance of a full life besides. It’s a good compromise.


There’s something wonderful about the Better Than Life ending when you’re familiar with the series, you’re aware of Backwards earth, and suddenly the penny drops.