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To be honest I think the whole series dump thing is a red herring. It’s the content that matters, everyone here has been fine with Disco coming out weekly and outside the US that’s on Netflix. Netflix have always stated it as some great evolutionary step but I think it’s just because they can and it differentiates them.

Imagine the pressure to watch all the final season of GoT in one go if they dumped it:grinning:


I agree. Even with the Netflix ‘dump’ model I rarely watch more than one or two episodes a week of something anyway.


I do know a lot of people that binge shows (actually just about everyone I know in person who watches Netflix but me) though.


I have too but it won’t decide for me whether to watch and most shows I have binged were originally released weekly.


I’m saying it’s not a deciding factor for me but it is for others. I generally only watch one or two episodes in a sitting at max.


No I get that but what I’m saying is binge watching was a thing before Netflix. It’s a bit like trade waiting. I can see the preference to watch that way but I can’t see it being a defining reason to see a show only if is released that way. You can binge anything if you want.


Like booze or cocaine… :wink:


I binged Buffy and The West Wing but as you say we all have our preferences. :grinning:


I prefer to have the option of binging. Depending on the show and available time, I may plow through everything or just a few episodes. I did the same back when I bought DVD box sets.


It depends on the show for me. If it’s a show with complex plots or a large cast of characters then I do find that watching episodes in quick succession helps me to keep track of everything (I watch Westworld that way for that reason).

But for the most part, I tend to just watch stuff when I feel like it and have the time, which seems to work out at one or two episodes a week most of the time. So the dump model isn’t a particular attraction to me either way.









Can’t wait


The oral history given by one of their marketing team or interns, I forget which, that came out after it all happened was brilliant.