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It needs to end, it’s never been the same and the last 2 seasons are poor imitations of the first 4. Vikings is one of my favorite shows ever, so I’ll be glad to see it go but I hope it encourages more historical fiction shows. There’s not enough good ones.


Have you watched History’s Templar show?


First couple of episodes but it didn’t grab me. I’m sure it’s good, I just need to find the time to watch. There’s also the Last Kingdom which is meant to be getting pretty good. I’ve tried Turn but it’s very uninspired. Hell of Wheels but it’s a bit too Western for me. My Mount Rushmore of historical fiction shows is Spartacus, Black Sails, Marco Polo and Vikings.


The miniseries with Kevin Costner (I’m blanking on the name at the moment) about the warring families on the American frontier is very good too but might be too Westernish for you.


Hatfields & McCoys. I’d forgot about that - I’ll have to check it out.


It’s basically what got History into doing scripted programming. It was a passion project for Costner and it shows.


Hatfields & McCoys is considered the American frontier? That’s West Virginia and Kentucky. I actually know some people related to one of the families though I can’t remember which off the top of my head.


Check their surnames? That might help.


They’re related but no longer carry the family name. Even at the time of the feud not everyone involved was named Hatfield or McCoy.

We also went to the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud in Pigeon Forge earlier this year. Not sure about it’s historical accuracy ( :wink: ) but there were some fun facts like the feud didn’t official end until 2003.


I heartily recommend Dean King’s THE FEUD: THE HATFIELDS AND McCOYS: THE TRUE STORY for a definitive history of the infamous feud. Well researched, well written, and thoroughly engrossing. My only problem was keeping track of the players, since many of them have similar names…



Is that Hanna series related to the 2011 film starring Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana?


Yup, a remake.


Spin-off from The Missing (basically, a third season of The Missing, but with less of the missing person angle):


Turning Carmen Sandiego into an anti-hero is an interesting idea. I suppose she’s the only bit of the property with much recognition, so it makes sense to focus on her rather than nobodies chasing her.


Somehow, the only things I know about Carmen Sandiego are from a review of the original computer game that I read back in 1985.


Yeah the Last Kingdom’s first season is rather rough IIRC, but I enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd quite a bit if you ever get the patience to make it that far.

Also, the Frontier one with Momoa is also quite decent.

As for Vikings, I thought it was gonna end this season… but yeah, Season 6 is gonna be stretching it already… I mean, I still enjoy it quite a bit, but it hasn’t been as riveting without Ragnar for sure.