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But… but those guys were awesome!




They were also pretty incompetent to be fair.


Great. I was wondering whether there would be a fourth. I wonder how they’ll address series 3’s ending.


Well, yeah, but they were still pretty cool guys, you know? Definitely not assholes.


And one of them was a demon.


Amandiel on Lucifer is a pretty decent angel:


Yep, really like the character, hope they bring him back in S4.

That whole sequence for the S2 midway finale, which was set to Unsteady, was utterly epic.





I’m still 90% sure A Series of Unfortunate Events is going to end with a teaser for a series based on the prequel books.






I’d forgotten that Winkleman had even left and it had had guest presenters since then til I read that article. It seems a bit of a shame, but it lost a fair bit of credibility with the film nerds when Ross was ousted and it didn’t air in a slot that meshed with the broader appeal it wanted from the Winkleman version. Not having a proper host for two years probably didn’t help that identity crisis.


I think they messed that up and should have just continued with the format of using a film buff as host, at least it was cheap. Saying that it’s probably one of those things that’s now better catered for online or via podcasts or whatever. In the Barry Norman days it was pretty much the only place you’d see all the clips and get a review.


It’s not as if films are less popular, and maybe it needed a reboot of some sort, but 48 years is a lot of brand loyalty down the pan.


They should have just given it to Kermode and Mayo to turn into Wittertainment TV in all but name, especially as the Winkleman version changed the format into a poor man’s version of that by pairing her with a guy from Empire.


Yeah really they should have, that show is immensely popular all over the world and they were already signed up to the BBC. I actually like Winkleman as a presenter too I think it was just bad casting in that job.