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That blows my mind even more, honestly. An actor who headlines his own show, I get being a self important prick who thinks he can talk to people anyway he wants. He’s wrong, but I get how his ego can get to that point. Some random crew member, though? Those are some balls to think you’re untouchable enough that you can treat someone like that.


Dushku said she thinks he’s insecure and needs to dominate.

Enabling him isn’t helping him overcome that.

Putting him on notice and providing therapy might. Which would make things better for everyone he has to work with.


From Dushku’s account, it sounds like Weatherly managed to create an atmosphere in which sexual bullying was accepted and encouraged by everyone. It’s quite disgusting.


So Weatherly is basically the 70’s incarnate!


More like the 40s incarnate, or at least that is apparently how he would like to see himself:

Weatherly did all this. His conduct was unwelcome and directed at me. Watching the recordings in the settlement process, it is easy to see how uncomfortable, speechless, and frozen he made me feel. For Weatherly’s part, it looks like a deeply insecure power play, about a need to dominate and demean. In no way was it playful, nor was it joking with two willing participants. It was not “Cary Grant ad-libbed lines,” an incredulous Weatherly excuse which, even if true, asks us to believe that Hollywood behaviors from 70 years ago might be acceptable today. What is hardest to share is the way he made me feel for 10 to 12 hours per day for weeks. This was classic workplace harassment that became workplace bullying. I was made to feel dread nearly all the time I was in his presence. And this dread continues to come up whenever I think of him and that experience.





By the way, Michael Weatherly is married.


Yeah this is from a year ago, I’m assuming around the same time he was pulling this shit with Dushku.

What an absolute ballbag.


I have no idea who he is so don’t really care what happens to him. Sounds like a shitbag.

However the pic of him with his wife as with Weinstein with his wife shows how much this is a power thing. It’s not like they can’t get sex with very attractive women in some ‘incel’ style.


I’d suggest there’s a huge casual sex culture in showbiz. From the people I know who’ve talked about it most of the cast and crew are misbehaving constantly. To be fair I think in general when people are away from home with too much time on their hands there can be a casual sex culture.

I also would suggest the casual sex culture is driven by both sexes, women and men all trying to get it on with producers, actors, casting agents and so on. This isn’t simply the men are pigs culture that it’s being suggested.

This is a no-means-no situation without a doubt. There’s some happy place where people can have rampant casual sex if they want to and refrain from it when they don’t. Which I’m guessing is most production sets these days.


I don’t think he was harassing her to get sex. He was harassing her using sexual language, and that was to show everyone, including her, that he was the top dog, alpha male etc.


I’d agree with that, hat’s part of what I was aiming at above, if he was being charming enough I’m sure he could have an extramarital affair, but clearly he enjoys being a cunt.

This situation is different than a Wankstien and a few others because it feels more to be a guy and his mates just being utter assholes.

I guess if Dusku showed no interest he simply wanted to make a fool of her, I don’t imagine he actually thought those tactics would work. He simply just didn’t like that she had no interest in him.


I enjoyed the book, but it sort of does come down to “good-natured and heart-warming.” It’s a really a very high-concept romcom. The idea is that the angels have to convince God not to destroy Earth (he wants to give up and open an Asian Fusion restaurant instead) by performing a miracle and getting two of the most socially awkward humans to fall in love with each other.


You just sold it to me far better than any of these trailers have.


I think the God is an insufferable simpleton is a really hacky character that should have been put to bed years ago. That and Heaven is just like a government office.

It’d be nice if we had a show where angels were awesome rather than assholes.


Angels as assholes go all the way back to the Bible. :smile:




I agree and I think that’s why his former NCIS (female) co-stars are saying “Michael’s not like that!” and that doing so isn’t helpful to anyone. Because he may well not have been while second banana on a different show. But when you’re the lead on a show, you usually set the tone for the whole production and it’s very likely for different elements of his personality to come out in this new environment.