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Look, Lucien - first I feed 'em, then I shoot 'em. Capicé?


Only if they were hungry.


What if I’m hungry and want to eat ducks?


New ‘Brexit’ trailer, with a little more footage;

Farage really looks like Farage!




Murder makes me hungry.





It’s really hard to follow the development hell that has been Locke & Key. I think Hulu screwed up on this one by passing on it, but I’m glad there’s an actual 10 episode order this time around so we actually get to see something, eventually. Although I’ll admit I thought this was further into production than it apparently is.


ahhh march 17 is too far away :frowning:


Bode and Kinsey look perfect. Tyler doesn’t look beefy enough.


Looks like there could be something good there, provided it’s just the trailer trying to make it look all good-natured and heart-warming. If it has some teeth, I’d love to see Buscemi as God.


It’s a weird trailer. At first it seems like it’s going to be an ongoing series about them answering prayers each week and then suddenly segues unto God destroying the earth and that they’re trying to save it.


This part is pretty crazy:

“Weatherly sexually harassed and bullied me day-in and day-out and would have gotten away with it had he not been caught on tape, and had the CBS lawyers not inadvertently shared the tapes with my counsel, Barbara Robb,” Dushku adds of the tapes that CBS thought would catch her out swearing on set and instead spotlighted Weatherly’s actions. “Reflecting on the whole ordeal, it often makes me think with sadness of the majority of victims who do not have the benefit of the fortunate evidence — the tapes that I had.”

Weatherly might’ve gotten through this if he’d just kept his mouth shut. But I’m guessing he’s done now.


Some more from the article Dushku wrote for the Boston Globe:

I feel compelled to chronicle what actually happened after The New York Timespublished a story about how CBS handled my allegations. I declined to be interviewed for that piece because I wanted to honor the terms of my settlement with the network. I was under the impression that Weatherly and Caron would also not respond per our settlement. Instead, both commented to the Times in what amounted to more deflection, denial, and spin.

Weatherly harassed me from early on. The tapes show his offer to take me to his “rape van, filled with all sorts of lubricants and long phallic things.” There was also his constant name-calling; playing provocative songs (like “Barracuda”) on his iPhone when I approached my set marks; and his remark about having a threesome. He made the threesome remark to me about himself and me in a room full of people. Minutes later, a crew member sidled up next to me and, with a smirk, said in a low voice, “I’m with Bull. I wanna have a threesome with you too.” For weeks, Weatherly was recorded making sexual comments, and was recorded mimicking penis jousting with a male costar — this directly on the heels of the “threesome” proposal — and another time referring to me repeatedly as “legs.” He regularly commented on my “ravishing” beauty, following up with audible groans, oohing and aahing. As the tapes show, he liked to boast about his sperm and vasectomy reversals (“I want you to know, Eliza, I have powerful swimmers”). Weatherly had a habit of exaggerated eye-balling and leering at me; once, he leaned into my body and inhaled, smelling me in a dramatic swoon. As was caught on tape, after I flubbed a line, he shouted in my face, “I will take you over my knee and spank you like a little girl.”

Yeah, he’s done.


That’s really all you needed to copy from the article.
Like - what the fuck?


How anyone thinks they can get away with behaviour like that is beyond me.

I mean, a select few of my co-workers and I all sexually harass each other but we’re friends and it’s been established that sort of play is permitted, but we would never do that new people or anyone who wasn’t part of our circle. Furthermore, we would never do it front of others either. And most importantly, it’s a joke we’re all in on. There is a huge difference.


Yeah, I’ve been in work environments like that too. Making crude jokes at work is fine as long as everyone involved is consenting and in on it. You can’t just do that shit to (or around) people who you don’t know if they’re cool with it or not. That’s just plain stupid.


What’s more, he might be a poor man’s Chris Pine but he’s hardly unattractive, it’s clear his awful, abhorrent personality is the reason he needs to act like this in the first place.

And what about the crew member? What a horrible rapey weirdo. Blows my mind. How difficult is it to just be dead on and not a complete wanker?