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Brooklyn 99 is pretty much the only sitcom I’m watching at the moment. I’m glad it got picked up.


That’d be awesome.

I just finished watching Trollhunters with the kid, and it really kept being fun and exciting until the end. 3Below looks pretty fun, too.



That’s exactly what they wanted to hear.



Beurggghgh. Weatherly should compensate everyone who had to hear about him using the phrase "Here comes ‘legs.’


Good choice.



Good to see her getting more work. I always thought she was great on Skins, but I’m not going to watch those Maze Runner movies.


CBS confirmed the settlement, which stemmed from a series of on-set incidents alleged by Dushku. She claims that Weatherly made demeaning comments about her appearance, saying “Here comes legs” when she arrived on set, said he would bend her over his leg and spank her in front of the cast and crew, and suggested she wanted to have a threesome with him and a male crew member. Dushku felt “disgusted and violated” following the incidents, according to interview notes from an internal CBS investigation.

Wow. I will be surprised if this doesn’t go further now that that’s out in the open.


The second one is pure tripe, but Dylan O’Brien is electrifying in them,




Wait, he’s 48 and plays a grandfather? :thinking:


The show’s about a girl who finds out her sister is actually her mother (like Jack Nicholson).


The mother is like Jack Nicholson?!


This looks amazing - don’t know anything about it, though.