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All of this is decades overdue for an overhaul.

What disappoints and upsets me is that actors are generally looking to push boundaries, but they need supportive environments to do it.

It’s not what productions have asked actors to do onscreen that’s the issues, it;s what they had to put up with behind the scenes that’s been a problem.


Maybe the story is missing something, but it reads that she took a job in a show called Chicago PD and then complained that it’s cold filming in Chicago. Unless there’s something more it sounds like making her out to be some kind of victim is an insult to actual workplace victims.



:frowning: Detroiters is a great show.





Every instinct is screaming “bad idea” at me.


That alone was better than the entire movie it’s promoting.



Isn’t that Oscar the Grouch?


Uh, Oscar has a trash can house. He’s living the dream.


Then why is he a grouch?


Home ownership is stressful!



Was The Expanse cancelled???

*I just clicked on that. It was talking about the first time it got cancelled. That would have been a travesty.


It was canceled by SyFy but picked up by Amazon.



Hope there’s more CREEPSLAYERZ