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Yeah, that was the best of the recent batch.


God, I love that man.

The potential of seeing Malkovich expand on a role in a TV format is something that really gets me excited these days. I have no interest in The New Pope, unfortunately, and Crossbones only got one season, which was a bit of a shame… but at least a few hours as Poirot. Yeah, I’ll watch that.


He wasn’t on The Young Pope. He was on Billions this year, playing a Russian oligarch, but it was a fairly small role. Still worth watching though, because it’s a very good show.


I think Christian is maybe talking about the follow up next year, it’s called The New Pope but dunno who is in it.


Ah, I completely missed that that was happening. I thought the first series was okay, but I don’t need to watch another ten episodes.


I watched the first episode then just forgot completely about it after. I think a lot of stuff was out at the same time and it just slipped off my list.


I saw John Malkovich on Broadway in 1987, opposite Joan Allen in the play Burn This; he was brilliant! I’ve been a fan of his for over 30 years, although he hasn’t done a lot lately that’s worthy of mention.


I used to serve his sister coffee. Evidently, he came in a few times but I was never working.


Was that on your annual appraisal?



Looks like they got that right.


Yeah, that looks awesome.


It looks pretty faithful (outside of number 1 not being so ridiculously huge but I think that’s just one of those things translating from comics to what works on film).






They all look alike now.



He’s a talented guy I’ll be watching this later.


Max Greenfield is playing Dewey Denouement?
That’s great. That’s perfect!