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Not all but a good amount of that list are just online portals for existing TV channels. In the model created by the BBC iPlayer they are free to air channels with the shows also free to air on online catchup for the next week or two. There’s no real reason for them to go away as those are not subscription streaming and just another venue for the same content already paid for.




Hopefully she’ll do better than Dimbleby, whose ability to run the show effectively has been declining for years now.


Yeah he used to be good but has stayed on past his sell by date. I hope a younger head can do better but I think it needs more than just a presenter change, it’s long frustrated me that it seems to have moved closer, like a lot of BBC news, to following the press agenda rather than challenging it.


That’s true, I think it has played to social media and story-of-the-day chatter rather than using the platform to properly challenge the panellists and hold politicians to account.

I still think it’s an important programme to have, and one I wouldn’t want to go away, but a freshening-up would be welcome.


I was hoping Rick Edwards would get the job, but Bruce might be alright.




I love the cartoon but that doesn’t look very good.




Deadline’s headlines are borderline unreadable at this point.


Yeah I’m not quite sure what language that is in.



I’m glad I’m not the only one. I thought my brain was broken when I tried to read whatever that headline is.



Looks like it could be good.

That bloody BBC logo is really distracting for some reason. Normally I can forget it’s there but it’s really messing with the compositions of the shots in that trailer.


I’ve liked all of their recent Christie adaptations, but they still haven’t topped And Then There Were None.