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If they don’t get Yoko Kanno in they are idiots. She’s bound to be close to retirement now is the only thing.


Kanno’s only 55, Cowboy Bebop was very early in her career


So, I looked up Tomorrow Studios (which is part of ITV Studios US who do all sorts of shit TV). For those that don’t know, ITV is the main commercial terrestrial TV channel that sits alongside the BBC. They do not do great things. However, Tomorrow Studios did produce Aquarius (starring David Duchovney) which was well received and looks great (It’s actually on my Netflix list and I noticed last night that it was listed as an ITV show).

That is the only thing of note but I am assuming they have a deal with Netflix now because currently in development they have (*takes big breath)… The Snowpiercer TV series, a remake of The Persuaders, a Let The Right One In series, something called Highland that Amazon dropped, Hanna which obviously sounds like a continuation of the movie of the same name otherwise calling something Hanna would be a bit stupid, three book adaptations including The Crow Girl and (and this is as strange and startling as Cowboy Bebop) a One Piece live action show.


I thought she was in her late 60s for some reason. She has some back catalogue.


Could be because of how varied and accomplished her soundtrack work is? She was effortlessly switching genres on a single soundtrack as far back as Macross Plus, which was her first solo anime soundtrack


I think it’s because when I came across her music I made a mental note of her seeming old for some reason. I have no idea why but I’ve spent the past 10 years thinking she must be retired or be close to it.

Voices is one of my favourite pieces of music of all time. It’s beautiful. I used it as a funeral dirge in Samurai City. I only really refer to it as a sort of Easter egg though, not least because it’s prose, but if someday it actually gets adapted how I want I would have a list of thing that were non-negotiable and that would be one. The first series has a massive funeral at the begining and a small, intimate funeral at the end and this version is what I had in my head putting the latter scene together…

Samurai City pretty much has an Easter Egg on every page and has a few Macross Plus references.


I don’t know about those other shows… but Cowboy Bebop WAS the music. Like, they better use the same intro song and everything… :smile:

But considering how much I loooove CB’s soundtrack, it’d be REALLY great if we got a new batch of sublime music from the Kanno & co.


It actually makes sense to use the original music based on budget but I have a worry they will put that to they side and just find a bunch of ‘Jazz’ they can get cheaply. Though I think there is so much more to CB than the music, I do agree that dropping Kanno could very well end up with something that might look like CB, but certainly won’t feel like it.


That’s really interesting, because in Japanese Voices is derived from nursery rhymes. It’s a type of song that’s basically a counting game. In Japanese the first line of the first verse is “the first word was dream”; the first line of the second verse is “the second word was wind”, and the first line of the last verse is “the third word was hum”

The English language version retains the melancholy element of the song (it being about Myung in the real world, and written and sung by her in the context of the show), but the only part of the counting game that remains is in the very first line: “the first world in my dreams I could clearly see”


Yeah I researched the original lyrics first and felt they suited the idea of someone passing from one life to the next and I don’t want to spoil it if you ever read it but I guess I can say they are young and it’s untimely. So in that world we’ve already established that funerals are generally silent in terms of music and that those singing this accapella are singing for the person whose died as it fits who they were and the closeness of those mourning them. Both funerals show two sides of an extended group of people, their public side and their personal side, and establishes a lot of dynamics in how the group is both falling apart yet has extremely tight bonds, the bittersweet nature sums up the whole first series.

Incidentally, much of Sam City mirrors Japanese culture in certain ways - one way especially is the numerology of things, like that game. So when you have something like the Book of Five Rings that have each ring representing elements, I recreate that with each series subtitle. Each series starts with a body being found that jumpstarts the on going narrative again, the first season being Earth, in which a body is uncovered buried on a building site. It’s not a serial killer story or anything, I just try and use things that represent how Japanese culture works in that way and to add some depth and deeper meaning and imagery. It not directly representative, but that world reads Irish and Japanese culture through a warped mirror and spits it back out into what America is.


Well, yeah it’s about more than the music, but the music is what elevates it beyond the usual anime, because of the diversity and how well it’s blended with the mishmash of genres in the story.

Plus being realistic about it, I’m not sure a live show will be able to pull off a lot of the visuals and ideas (not to mention the fluidity of actions sequences and movement in general) even if Netflix did put a lot of money behind it… so yeah, the music needs to be there.

I’m really interested to see what they’ll do with it, but super wary… I’m not too optimistic, tbh.


I’m very much the same. And you’re right about visuals and fluidity in action - I really don’t think that’s as much a case of money as it is getting the right director who wants to convert the show to live action but be innovative and interesting in how he does that. With the right visual flare you could match what CB does without trying to directly copy it. That’s the dream.



Apparently they got Zoffy’s VA to voice the elder Hayata and that’s neat as hell.


I flipped through some of the manga this is based on recently, and it looked pretty good. And the anime looks to be hewing close to that,


As a kid, I would watch reruns of the 60s Ultraman and loved it. I will give this a shot.





I wonder if they will curse again in this reboot.