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The part about Maurice bringing her to Cicely explicitly to marry her definitely would come off as weird at least. Barry Corbin, John Collum and Cynthia Geary are all still working, so it could easily be a plot they approach in a sequel show and talk about how the whole thing would be far more problematic now.


Looks like lots of fun. I dimly remember the season 1 trailer.

I’d be willing to take a look, but it seems that I can’t buy this on German Amazon yet, though. Hm. Frustrating.


A sort-of remake of the Tom Tykwer movie, but set in the modern day.

The movie didn’t work for me; hopefully this is better.


It’s less of a remake than that it uses some of the motifs of the novel that the Tykwer movie is based on. (The novel is also mentioned in the series - the killer is apparently inspired by it.)

It’s an interesting way to do something different with the idea. Maybe worth checking out.




I hope she continues to be on Superstore then.
Her cameo was fun




I hope they do them in the style of the original illustration.


There have been various versions of some of the books, with different illustrations. The ones that always spring to mind for me are Quentin Blake:


But as a kid I had various versions of the Charlie books with different illustrators.



I just want someone to finally do the Vermicious Knids.
They had two movies. Two!
All wasted.


Blake is the only one I associate with Dahl.


With this and Paul King announcing a new movie today, I hope that Wonka: Origins movie is dead.







Ehh… unless the Seatbelts & co. are involved in making the music for the series, I’m not necessarily interested…