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Ugh get over yourself and your righteous indignation… I complained about a shitty drawing of a horsey… big deal… it’s like I never complain about unimportant crap… :roll_eyes:


Again, you’re the one getting on your high horse because a children’s cartoon doesn’t meet your aesthetic tastes.


It’s actually a unicorn.


yeah… sure thing buddy… that’s exactly what happened… :smile:

Technically it’s a unicorn & pegasus hybrid =P


I would have known that if the animators could draw!

It certainly doesn’t look like any unicorn-pegasus hybrid that I’ve ever seen.




I’m only kidding by the way, I really don’t care about it either way.

Although I do think it’s amazing that we’re analysing frames of She-Ra with the kind of intensity usually reserved for the Zapruder footage.


Maybe a unicorn shot Kennedy?


Naah… Kennedy totally seemed like a furry-loving kinda guy…

Also, when you realize My Little Pony looks better than She-ra… le sigh:smile:


A True Blood musical makes so much sense!

Hope it happens. I’ll be watching.



There’s a new series of Takeshi’s Castle starting on Comedy Central UK this week. It’s moved on to Takeshi’s Indonesia (I guess they ran out of the Thai series, though they only did 30 episodes). Unfortunately Jonathan Ross has been replaced on commentary by Roman Kemp and a string of guest co-commentators. :confused:



I enjoyed that show a LOT, but I could not tell you any plot from any episodes.


I wish they would hurry up and do a revival of Due South…That’s what we all want to see…Right?!?


There was the one where Holling and Shelly had marital problems. Or Dr. Fleischman and Maggie clashed over the difference between their attitudes. Or how about the time Maurice had a plan to put the town on the map?


Oh, I saw those storylines in one episode. Every week.


If… IF they do it as a follow up with an older Benton Frasier and not a remake!


Hell yeah.


I wonder if Holling and Shelly would fly in today’s culture. I get the feeling it’d be alot more controversial.

Maggie was my teenage crush. I thought she was just about as perfect as a girl could get (well, her and Madonna). 25 years later and I’m struggling to see what I saw in her. Still, I loved Northern Exposure.