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Well, I mean, it IS one really really really fuckin ugly horse… :smile:


He is hilarious.


Is that why it wears a mask?


Which one?


I think the horse looks lovely.



We have to lose that sax solo.


An even scarier unicorn:


Yeah, that’s right where I was going,. :sweat_smile:


Well, I’m glad to know you guys are fine with mediocre visuals… but unfortunately, that’s kind of an important thing for me, specially when talking about a cartoon… but hey, you do you, it’s okay… u_u


You’re correct, that picture on the right is pretty naff.


First of all, no it’s not. At least it actually looks like a horse.

Secondly, I only posted a picture with both versions 'cause it’s the one I found first (and I was too lazy to screenshot it from the trailer)… not to do a comparaison…

Let me rectify it:

Yeah amazing animations… I specially like how the wings randomly change color and She-ra’s feet disappear and sizes that don’t matter…

Yeeeah… this is falling into the same category as the now infamous Dragon Ball Super horrendous animations:


Rogue Trooper
Robo Hunter
Halo Jones
Dan Dare
ABC Warriors
Nemesis the Warlock
Ace Trucking
Strontium Dog…

… just off the top of my head.




The wings have two sides that are different colours. And she’s standing in water in the first still. And her feet are being hidden by the horse in the last one.


It’s got a horn and wings


Okay yeah, that’s a fair point… though I was refering to the sequence above and below, wherein the down side of the wings have different colors… (compare the forest scene and the water scene)… your two other points don’t apply though, water doesn’t excuse a shrinking horse, and no, her foot just disappeared… but anyways…

Whatever, it’s cheap animation for a kid’s show, which is fine, but I’m almost 40 and not really willing to spend time watching such a poorly made kid show… that’s why there’s better animated stuff out there…

An yet it looks more horse-ish than that abomination in the new show… :smile:

But hey, if that’s the hill you wanna die on, have at it…



Odd choice of phrase considering I’m not the one taking fire for being angry about how winged, horned horse isn’t being drawn “realistically” in a kids’ cartoon. I mean, come on, it’s not even aimed at you, get over it. God forbid something intended for children reinvent itself to appeal to modern children instead of your nostalgia.