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The Other Two - Official Trailer

That looks nothing like Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris!





I think that author just did a a marathon of old Murder, She Wrote episodes.


So much for no nut November.


Yeah, it does feel like something written after a day watching repeats on Alibi or UK Drama rather than picking through people’s IMDB listings researching.




Cool. Hope it happens.


Lemire’s on a roll with film options. I think Gideon Falls would make a great TV show too.


So. She-ra is magnificent.
Look I’m a 39 YO white make.
I am not the target audience.
But my goodness they nailed it.
I consume media from an analytical POV and enjoy it more for seeing it reach its intended target audience than that of ”did it move me?”
By jeez, by gingos, by crickey. This delivered on everything.
All of the characters (not just main. ALL!) are relatable, enjoyable and emotional.
I’m excited to hear what parents with young kids think of it especially if their daughters relate to the series.
It touches on elements of the original whilst offering an opportunity for those new to the characters the storytelling skill set to lean in and learn and love.

Let me know what you think. I’m curious to see how right or wrong I am.


Honestly, this one shot of the unicorn made me not want to watch it ever… the stuff of nightmares…


It’s OK, Jacowboy. Unicorns aren’t real. :wink:


No but shitty art is, evidently… u_u


Wow, those are some pretty wussy nightmares you’re having.