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That’s not really a big list all things considered.

Planetary I could see, a kind of X Files type thing. Authority I’m not so sure would work, but I know many directors look at it and want to take a crack at it. Sandman is only a matter of time. Transmet I think would be just too expensive - futuristic worlds take alot of money.


Authority would work for TV if they use the latest version in The WIld Storm. The original widescreen take is too much for TV to handle.



Not a huge list, but they’re the ones off the top of my head. Lots of other stuff out there like Scalped or 100 Bullets.

We’ve been waiting thirty years for a Sandman adaption. This might turn out to be one of those things like Foundation, Neuromancer, or Stranger in a Strange Land that can never crawl out of development hell. Sandman, with its single issue stories, longer arcs, stories within stories, and series-long story arc works so perfectly within the monthly comic book format that it could lose something when translated to another medium.

I would generally agree with you that Transmet would be tough to do as a tv series, but Netflix can budget for stuff like Altered Carbon, and you also have budget busters like The Expanse and Game of Thrones, so there is money out there. Were I to do Transmet, I’d probably dial back a lot of the more outlandish and cartoony stuff and make that world a bit closer to our own.

As for Moebius, I think animation would work best. It’s already storyboarded. I would love to watch Moebius’ beautiful line work come to life.

Love and Rockets could be either animated or live action, but I would, if asked now, say animation. Live action would probably turn it into just another drama.


Ex Machina seems tailor-made for TV. A great cast of characters, an interesting setting, rich backstory to explore, it deals with big social issues, there’s a long-running mystery/conspiracy angle, and Hundred’s powers are pretty cheap to realise on-screen. (Most of the expensive jetpack superheroics can be dropped in as quick flashbacks.)

I’d love to see it happen.


For a while they were trying to do Trasmet as a cartoon with Patrick Stewart providing the voice. I can’t remember whether or not some of the test animation leaked at one point or not.


It’s kind of hard to reboot when your lead character has been dissected by the government.


BKV’s Paper Girls could be a television show along the lines of Stranger Things.

I still hold out hope that someone would successfully adapt Rucka’s Queen and Country. It has been in development hell for too long already. Also still waiting for his Lazarus series, which was last seen in the hands of Amazon.



And that was by the guys who went to go on to do the Venture Brothers.
It could have been gold.



Not the lead character. Not even a supporting one. Little more than a cameo really.


Canonically, ALF is now the ambassador to Earth, after stopping Martin Sheen from doing something nefarious.

Fun fact: Project ALF is the only ALF thing I can remember watching (I’m sure I must have watched either the original show or the cartoon as a young child, but can’t remember them).




I loved both. The cartoon was pretty cool as is was based on Melmac so it was fun to see his homeworld.





if only we could make this a real thing



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