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I’m sure the story will veer differently, just because of the structure of TV, but that’s a pretty close representation of the characters in the Deadly Class comic.


For some reason I stopped watching after season 2, which was brilliant. I should start again I guess.



Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse is to pen and exec produce Fremantle’s adaptation of fantasy drama Gormenghast .

The books follow the inhabitants of Castle Gormenghast, a sprawling, decaying, gothic-like structure with a raft of characters including Titus, the heir to the throne of the House of Groan, scheming kitchen boy Steerpike and twin sisters Cora and Clarice.



Ok, that’s a good idea.

And I hope Joe Dante gets a piece of it too, the report says the film’s screenwriter is an exec producer, so even if he’s just getting paid (and not involved creatively), at least he’s getting paid.


I’m down for pretty much anything Fukunaga is involved in. Add in that it’s an updating of a fun 80’s movie I grew up with and it’s an easy sell for me. Hopefully it gets the greenlight. I would assume Netflix would be interested in this considering their current relationship with Fukunaga.




Yay, more Star Trek :heart_eyes:


If Baphomet is a real being, you can’t copyright the likeness of a real being.

If Baphomet isn’t a real being, I want my money back from the Satanic Temple :angry:


Marvel had to pay Samuel L. Jackson to allow Ultimate Nick Fury to be based on his appearance.


Yes, but they didn’t pay the Church of Samuel L. Jackson. (I just contacted my local branch to check this, and they said “We don’t have any m************ control over the use of images of our Lord Sam, m**********.”)

If Baphomet wants to sue, he can come to Earth and do it himself.


You say this, but Samuel L. Jackson’s business holding are actually called The Church of Samuel L. Jackson, LLC.




Damn you! I got all excited and then it was the Orville :confused: