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Never mind, it’s not the end of the world.


Here’s the story: ‘The Brady Bunch’ kids are all grown up and back at their TV home



On a related note, Audible have a new version of the Jeff Wayne musical coming at the end of the month, starring Michael Sheen and Taron Egarton:



Looks like they’ve gone back to the way the first season told it’s story, which may be a good thing.

I’ll watch the first episode, that’s for sure.


Keeping it Welsh. :sparkling_heart:

Fun fact. The house where I grew up is in the middle of where Richard Burton and Michael Sheen were raised, you could walk between the 3 of them in under an hour.



Looks very good. Apparently, Nic Pizzolatto is directing as well as writing, this time around, but so is Jeremy Saulnier.

I still think that the first season’s greatness may have been lightning in a bottle, and as much due to Cary Fukunaga’s direction as to Nic Pizzolatto’s writing (at the least), but I will definitely give this a shot.


Yeah, it was something special. From Fukunaga’s horror like direction, to Pizzolatto’s writing, to Mcconaughey being smack in the middle of doing the best work of his entire career… it’s really hard to imagine them ever hitting that level again.


Saulnier only directed the first two episodes and then dropped out due to conflicts with Pizzolatto.


‘Saved by the Bell’ Is Returning to TV…but It’s Not What You Think



That’s great.
That’s hilarious.


The Satanic Temple is generally awesome… this Netflix thing is funny, but rather unimportant compared to what they usually do…


Series 7 of Taskmaster is ending this week, so I suspect they might announce the line-up for series 8 at the end of it (as they have the last couple of times and the show’s already been commissioned for two more series, I think).

Any guesses as to who will be on it? Or who you want to be on it?

I’d quite like a line-up of:
Jennifer Saunders
Beattie Edmonson
Nathan Caton
Ed Byrne
Rich Hall.




I’ll believe it when it airs.


The BBC version is probably on air this Christmas, which means it’ll be pirated onto the internet immediately as well.

But it’s been 13 years since the Spielberg modern day version. Another one could work.