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And the Devil made 'em do it.




Netflix is ubiquitous enough to let product fly or sink on its own merits. They realise that whatever the hype budget, folk will check it all out for themselves and very quickly, make their own minds up and vote with their remote.

Successful productions will, of course, have follow ups or prequels; except, for obvious reasons, those which are historically locked like e.g. Outlaw King.


It started off well and just went nuts halfway through.


I’m rooting for Outlaw King to do well so we get a swathe of historic fiction stuff. There’s not enough shows like Black Sails or Spartacus or Vikings - historical in the loosest sense but delivering great drama. I loved what Netflix did with Marco Polo even though it was ridiculous.


Oh, I had either not heard of this yet or forgotten about it…
since Clement and Waitit are involved, I’m quite happy about this.


As a premise it’s really strong anyway, but even from that teaser you can get the deadpan way it presents its vampires so I can’t wait. The only problem (and it’s not even an actual problem) with the film is that it had to neatly wrap up stories so quickly when the real fun was just in the day to day stuff like who’s turn it was to do the dishes.


Yeah, the concept is a really good one for a series. There’s very little chance of this not being great.



I’ll give it a pass.

PD was an incredibly uneven series. It felt like a middle chapter with those characters. The description for the new series doesn’t grab me.


That sounds…dreadful


After having had the rights for literally years and only bothering to cut it up for clips on its website, Comedy Central UK is finally airing Key and Peele from tonight. In about two minutes actually.




This is looking so good. It’s crazy that the American remake look better than than the tv spin off of the original.


Here’s a recent NYCC panel with Waititi, Clement, and Paul Simms discussing the show:



That ITV logo confused me at first as it’s a BBC show in the UK. Then I learned that ITV Studios are doing global distribution.