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I laughed out loud at that. It’s like one of those really bad late night sketches where the guest films it just before they tape the show.


It’s the pause that really does it. He seems like he’s about to say something and then instead drinks a vial. Which means nothing to you if you don’t already know the series.


He looks like he’s doing a Japanese whisky advert and hoping no-one in the rest of the world sees it.



That sounds terrible.


I don’t know the series. What is the vial?


He has magical abilities but augments them with special potions that are highly toxic and poison him if he takes too many.


In many ways its like cocaine.


You’ve got to wonder about whoever at Netflix thought that was something they should release to the public. Stupid wig, stupid setup, stupid behavior. Just off putting in every sense.


Its like when people buy clothes that don’t fit them, look in the mirror, see that it’s awful and go, “Fuck it, I like them.”


I don’t think Netflix is very good at marketing, in general. They release so many movies and shows without any real notification. A few might get a preview on the home screen shortly before release, but that’s about it. They’re very focused on creating content, but need a lot of work on selling that content.


I don’t know if they know better or if simply they don’t care or if they’re just dumb.

The key measure for Netflix isn’t viewers, it’s subscriber growth and retention. That’s everything. It might be their plan isn’t to release a series, have it all over the press, and then somehow have that show feel old and out of date after a few months or years. Instead they just sneak in programs so you stumble upon them, not knowing if they’re new or old - it doesn’t matter. They’ve removed TV from a community experience to an individual experience. That stops them having to compete with the other networks. Maybe that’s the right move, stay away from the cost and pressure of media exposure and instead rely on the individual discovery. Or maybe I’m just speculating and they have no such philosophy.


They are better than it looks, they just don’t market in a standard fashion, they use social media and the emphasis is almost always on generating as much natural social media buzz as possible. By now everyone has heard that someone on some social media platform said that someone fainted watching Haunting of Hill House because that went viral and then they pushed promotion on through blogs and news sites. They basically cherry pick the best of social media on any show and promote that as opposed to the show itself.

This is why Iron Fist and Luke Cage were dumped. Basically they were too midling for people to tweet good things about. The irony is that is the second season of Iron Fist was as bad as the first it wouldn’t have gotten canned because so many people would be tweeting about it.

I think Netflix will have more and more B movie - so bad it’s good - style programmes as time goes on, when they get the formula for that right.


Im pretty sure you’re right there. They really want every show to be a water cooler thing where people tell other people it’s great. They do advertise normally too, but I don’t think they believe in that approach as much. They had strong ads for Maniac running but there was not much social media uptake. I’d say they would see that as a promotional failure.

On the other hand four weeks into Lost In Space Twitter was hashtagging sexyrobot, and they were able to PR that across the board.


Yeah, I guess, kind of like Jim said, it remains to be seen if their approach works in the long run. They obviously have data that we aren’t privy to, so I have to assume there’s a method behind what they do. But from the perspective of someone who avoids most social media, their marketing seems lacking. I also think they probably need to make some changes to their interface, but that’s a separate conversation.


Even being on here though it will bleed through to you, but filtered to what you care about. I think once they have your subscription their job is making sure the content you’ll like is right in front of you.

I completely agree with the second point. They seem to be actually making it worse as time goes on. Sky Q is the same I find, they’ve somehow made feel more complicated that it was before while trying to simplify it.


And as of tomorrow, you can get Netflix on Sky Q! Two overly complicated things, together at last!

My main issue with Sky Q is all the features they took away that were in Sky+. You can’t create a watchlist of movies to watch later, you can’t skip ahead to a specified timecode in a recording, and until this week, you couldn’t filter your recordings into TV/Movies.


I agree, it was like a massive step backwards in all the best things it had going for it.