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That’s why Steve specified good story.


Not on film, perhaps; but James Ellroy wrote a damned fine book on the subject. Granted, it was a fictionalized account, but aren’t they all?



Eight if you include the video games.


One of those movies was an adaptation of his novel by Brian de Palma - apparently a terrible one, though, unfortunately.

Huh. Scarlett Johansson, Aaron Eckhart, Josh Hartnett.


It’s a rubbish film :confused:


The facts of the case are horrific, but when writers spin big conspiracies out of it the result never feels real.

She was probably killed by someone she knew, because they were the kind of person who liked killing people, and they may have had some other motive on top of that (money, jealousy etc.) but it will all be sad and small and stupid.





And here I am hoping that it’s less faithful to that creatively void series.


HBO Hires “Intimacy Coordinators” To Monitor On-Set Sex, A New Role

As first reported by Deadline’s sister publication Rolling Stone, the intimacy coordinator will serve as a mediator among actors, directors, producers and crew. HBO’s The Deuce, set in the sex trade industry in New York’s Times Square during the 1970s, already has the first intimacy coordinator working, and other shows are being staffed.

On The Deuce , coordinator Alicia Rodis reviews scripts, discusses the sex scenes before they are filmed and talks to the actors individually, coordinating their activities. She also elicits the actor’s personal boundaries to make sure “consent is informed and certain before we move forward,” she told Rolling Stone. Rodis is essentially an advocate for the actors with the production team on any issues.

The intimacy coordinator job has existed in the theater world for years, but is new to film and television. The #MeToo movement and subsequent increased sensitivity to such issues, but it was actress Emily Meade of The Deuce that pushed the idea forward. She went to HBO executives and demanded changes in the on-set culture that left actors to fend for themselves when asked to do sex scenes that made them uncomfortable.


HBO found Rodis running a nonprofit she founded, Intimacy Directors International, that aimed to normalize a set of standards and practices for sex scenes in stage and film. The hiring has already made an impact with producers and directors, so much so that showrunner David Simon told Rolling Stone last month that he would not work without one moving forward.


I don’t work in theatre so I’ve never heard of this job title before, but I think its a good idea.

I’m sure the lawyers agree too.


That is a good cast.


The description of the plot sounds like a direct reaction to Trump, but Davies is a very good writer, so it’ll be worth checking out.


Let’s go to the source. Also heard Maggie talking about this last week. (Was it last week? Dang busy world!)

PS - Meant to respond to Steve and hit Gar’s button. Oopsie.


We’re often mistaken for each other.


Sounds like the perfect job for Harvey Weinstein.


I don’t need a third season; it’s great as it is.


I would have been down for another season, because the first two were lots of fun. But it doesn’t need another season, either.


So it seems that Britbox are looking to move into the UK market, which given that their content is just an assemblage of programming already available over here (mostly for free), seems like a pretty stupid idea.