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They announced plans for a show bringing back the original cast (whatever that means), but nothing happened with it. They’re doing another L&O spin-off though, about Hate Crimes.


For the people now completely desensitised by SVU who still want to feel bleak despair?







Haha. Nope.


I’m not entirely sure they could employ two men I associate with cars less. It’ll be like watching two chimps work a telephone.


Flintoff is very associated with cars! He’s notably been done for speeding many times and wheedled his way out of driving bans for it about three times now.


This made me gafaw out loud. :joy:


The streaming network, which bowed the first 10 episodes of Season 1 in August, said the remaining 10 episodes will now premiere in 2019. A second season of 20 episodes has been ordered to roll out in 2020 and 2021.


What a wait.


Really. They may as well call that Season 2.


I mean, they do it for Voltron anyway.
Calling 6-8 episode chunks of, what in all likelihood started as, a 52 episode order is quite the racket.


They could call it season 2, but my guess is that it’s considered season 1 since it will conclude the storyline of the first 10 episodes. Then the official season 2 will be a new story arc. But who knows. The point is that there’s going to be at least 30 more episodes of the show over the next few years.


It’s a legal thing. People’s contracts say they get a raise each season, so you say it’s one big 20-episode season instead of two 10-episode seasons. It’s the same with the final seasons of Mad Men and The Sopranos.



Well, no-one has manage to tell a good story about the Black Dahlia case, as far as I’m aware. Maybe this will be the first?

It looks well made and Pine is always worth watching.


Wasn’t there one about a decade back? No, wait - looked it up. There were about six of them! The Black Dahlia was an urban L.A. legend from my childhood. Such a fascinating case. Was there a connection to the Bradbury Building? (Nothing to do with Ray, he lived elsewhere.)