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I gave up on the Walking Dead the very episode where the baby was born. I just couldn’t take that kind of bleak horror anymore, it felt like the worst TV show I’d ever seen. It seems like I didn’t miss anything.

The area in Georgia where they film has had a business boon from the series, much like Norn Iron and Game of Thrones, so I’m sure they won’t want to see it end.


Gave up on it after Negan appeared. At that point there was nothing left to look forward to from the comics (I still read them) and I grew frustrated with Gimples showrunning tics and formulaic approach.


Looking at it from the outside, it seems like TWD show has run into the same problem the comic had around when the show started, with an audience burnt out on the cycle of nihilism powering it. It’s kind of incredible they’ve managed to keep a zombie apocalypse story going for 10 years.


I actually gave up on the comic at the end of the Governor arc largely because of stuff with Judith (the baby). I felt that was such a needless and horrible misstep for Kirkman to make. But the comic is still going strong, so I guess I was in the minority there.

I finally officially quit the show when Carl died. To me that was the dumbest thing Gimple did with the show. It made absolutely no sense and the dude should have been straight fired for it (also because his approach to the show was way too formulaic, as JLJL said).


100%. It was literally the only character that the story needed in order to make it from point A to point B as a rounded narrative with something truely worthwhile to gain for the audience. You can kill any other character and it would still have worked. Now it’s broken beyond repair.

I was just watching Zombieland, too. Complete night and day in tone.



I haven’t seen season 8 yet, but thought season 7 was very good.

But yeah, given that spoiler (which I clicked, damn me!!!) it seems like it’s taken a bit of a wrong turn there.

Maybe this will force them to find some kind of ending.

It’s a bit of a shame they didn’t go the way the comic did; the time jump would’ve given them the opportunity to finish the story in an interesting way, give the old characters a new setting and wrap things up. (I should add I have no idea where the books went with it in the end, I just thought it was a clever move in itself).


I’m not sure you are in that much of a minority, a lot of people felt that was too much.

Saying that after about #100 the comic has changed approach quite a bit. It got out of the sequence of ‘yay we’ve found a safe pace - oh no everyone’s been killed, let’s move on’ mode. It’s not like there’s no death and misery, it is a zombie book and not Archie, but they are allowed some degree of success and hope.


Netflix soars on record subscriber total

Netflix added seven million new customers in the three months to September, bringing its global total to more than 137 million.

The stronger than expected growth - a record for the third quarter - sent shares up 11% in after-hours trading.

The surge came as Netflix premiered a record amount of original programming, including new seasons of Orange Is The New Black and BoJack Horseman.

Netflix is among the first of the major US tech firms to report its results.

Investors were looking for signs of a rebound at the company after an unusually weak second quarter, which had fanned worries about the online streaming firm’s future.

Netflix faces increased competition from traditional media companies and giants such as Amazon and its costs have been growing as it spends more on its own material.


Revenue in the quarter increased 34% year-on-year to nearly $4bn, while profits more than tripled to $403m.

Shares have surged more than two-thirds this year and closed on Tuesday at $346.40 in New York, valuing the company at almost $154bn.

George Salmon, a Hargreaves Lansdown analyst, called it a “strong set of results”.

"Heavy investment in content means free cash flow is still negative, but after a disappointing second quarter this release was all about subscriber growth," he said.

“There’s also very upbeat guidance around customer additions in the final quarter of the year, with the group’s forecast of 9.4 million well above prior expectations. If video killed the radio star, Netflix is well on the way to taking cable’s crown.”





Mixed feelings on that.
Cancelled does seem a harsh phrasing - the series was meant to end with the second season. The third season was a surprise pick-up. And even then the recent finale ends with the creators thanking the audience for enjoying the series, in finality.
So - it was completely prepared for it.

That said - I am a bit saddened by it. While the third season was a downgrade - the show still had an undeniable spark to it.


Not a surprise, as it was renewed for 5-7 in one go. Probably time for it to end too.



Considering how Season 6 ended, it’s hard to see how it could go past Season 7. I actually thought the end of Season 6 might have been the end of the show.


I can’t see how they can improve on the original - for both shows!



Have to wonder when this revival fad’s going to end. Just before Firefly gets recommissioned? We better get a new, proper Law & Order out of it at least.


Didn’t they already announce that? I thought they did.