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I felt they got Quincy right the first time.





You too, huh? Mr. Morris has been my hero for a long time. Why does everyone who adapts Dracula feel it is necessary to play character roulette? Something evil about the name Westernra? And Van Helsing is Dutch, dammit!


Those do not sound like the same show.


Will Drac have a clueless sidekick and an annoying landlady? I’m in!!


2 clueless sidekicks and 3 annoying landladies.


I have no idea if the end result will be good, but Gatiss is a long time horror fan and Moffat has written some very creepy material over the years.

So I’m hoping for good, or better.


It makes sense, they’ve always had issues with Sherlock because of the success of the two leads getting better paid jobs and having to fit it in and Moffat’s Doctor Who responsibilities.

Try a new show along the same lines, new actors so that isn’t a problem, Moffat’s left Who so that one is gone too.


I never watched Moffat’s take on Jekyll & Hyde:

I heard good things though.


It’s not un-enjoyable. But it’s perhaps entertaining for the wrong reasons.


No, it is. It’s basically a panel show, but with a member of the public on each team.


It’s pretty good up until the end. Like a lot of Moffats stuff it gets too clever for its own good.




Didn’t realise it was coming so soon. Great news!



It’s unsurprising. It’s becoming a story with an utterly pointless journey because there is increasingly no worthwhile goal for the audience waiting at the end. GOT has death and despair but you know there will be some sort of bittersweet ending. The Walking Dead has burnt up all its chances for bittersweet endings.


It will be interesting to see how the show does with the departure of Andrew Lincoln. Will it revitalize the show or will it continue its decline? If it keeps going down, I could see Season 10 be its last one.


Yeah, I jumped ship on TWD sometime last season, but actually ended up watching the latest season of FTWD recently (I forgot to delete it from my DRV scheduled recordings). I actually enjoyed it way more than the last few seasons of it’s parent show, which was surprising. It felt a bit less nihilistic than TWD (i.e. the message wasn’t that helping people gets you killed).