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They were both pretty bad. The wizard at least was ignorable since he was such a small part of the episode. They were dragging the stupid aliens around with them for almost the whole thing.





Martin is mostly right, IMDb says first TV directing was 1965 in something called Z Cars (1 ep) and then a series of shows through 1967. Bad research, bad article.


Martin is entirely right, you mean.


Finally, a release date and trailer for the second season of Patriot.
I won’t lie - I found the first season probably one of the driest black comedies I have ever seen.
But it was able to weave in some masterful moments into itself.




My favourite thing about Z Cars (it’s not a long list mind) is that it was done live (or as live) and one actor playing a suspect got so intimidated by Brian Blessed in an interrogation scene that he confessed earlier than he was meant to, meaning they had to skip ahead to keep up and the episode ran short. That’s probably apocryphal, but I love it so much I don’t care.


Yeah, it’s in Blessed’s autobiography, so it depends how reliable a source you think he is.


:thinking: It’s genuinely hard to know.


I would 100% believe him if he told me someone was alive.


That right there is one of the best, most underrated cartoons ever… it’s actually one of the few things I own on DVD, so I might just pop em later… been a while =P

Also, holy shit I didn’t know there was a special coming out… and also, double holy shit Colbert’s gonna do it!!! I hope they get all the cast back… I really want to see Mentok and Peanut in there… =)






Wow, Lifetime lost Project Runway.


Project Runway without Tim Gunn is just Project Shite. Tim and Heidi made the show. Without them it’s just never going to be as good.


Maybe James Gunn could do it if ‘Suicide Squad 2’ falls through?


I’ve worked with Gunn a few times. He’s the nicest, sweetest person ever. He really was the heart of the show and expanding his role in the later seasons was one of the the smartest things the producers did. I can’t see it working without him.

(He even recorded a message for my wife’s students one time when we were done shooting)