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Because it worked so well the first time…






Landgraf is expected to bring in his core team who have been together for more than a decade. Because FX Networks has kept a pretty lean operation and because there is nothing like it at Disney — an adult-focused basic cable network and streaming platform — that division is expected to be among the least impacted by cuts. Expected to follow Landgraf to Disney are FX presidents Nick Grad, Eric Schrier and Chuck Saftler, while Nat Geo Networks CEO Courteney Monroe is expected to join Knell.

Landgraf has an incredible team.



I hope it’s well written.


Unless he’s travelling back to 1964 to do it, this won’t be Ridley Scott’s TV directorial debut.


Commercials aren’t considered TV.



Scott directed episodes of a bunch of UK TV shows back in the 1960’s.


UK TV isn’t TV?


Cannot wait for this.


I have mixed feelings about it. The last season of Trollhunter was problematic and their introduction during it was dumb. I’ll give it a chance but it has a long way to go to prove itself.



I felt the “Wizards” tease was worse