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The Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek and Mission Impossible alum will play the father of the Hughie character that he inspired in the very dark Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comics that the series is based on.



Here’s hoping the Boys will be good… The Man in the High Castle has been fantastic, so they can actually produce good stuff =P


‘The Boys’ is a great idea, but I always felt like it needed a strong editor to make it work better as actual stories.

I’m hoping the TV adaptation does that.



New Good Omens poster


As a teaser for a The Boys adaptation. that’s pretty much perfect.

I was kind of hoping for a few lines of dialogue from The Boys there. Just because I’d have liked to see whether they go as all-out on the swearwords as the books did.

Man, I’m actually kind of excited about this. I just hope it’s awesome.



This could be fun. Tennant really does nothing for me. He feels like one of those guys that is always just playing versions of himself to me.


I’m good with him.

I’m glad it doesn’t look as goofy or as broad in terms of aesthetic as some of these shows can be. This needs an ordered hand to cut into the humor


Yeah, the book changed quite a bit as it went on. It never entirely left the shock comedy / superhero pisstake genre but it became more serious looking at the corporate aspect of the US, with Vought-American.


Really looking forward to Good Omens.

The book was like “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Book of Revelations.”

And I hope Bezos has sprung the cash to get Queen on the soundtrack.


At least the ones mentioned in the book, and “Don’t Stop Me Now” during the highway scene in the climax.


Looks good. Nothing spectacular about it, but as expected the casting works and it’s nice to recognise some of that dialogue.


Hopefully the TV adaptation evens that out. I did not like The Boys when it started, I don’t mind shock value content but at the beginning that’s all it is - let’s do nasty things to superheroes. I wouldn’t have carried on with it apart from the fact that I bought it in a chunk in a digital sale on the cheap.

Then by the end it’s morally complex as it increasingly shows different sides of the argument and genuinely moving, you really care for the characters. The show needs to balance that from the start or I think viewers will lose patience as I know a lot did with the comic.


I agree, I had exactly the same reaction and bailed on the book after a few arcs. Then I came back to it later on (after being given a few of the later TPBs) and was surprised by how much better it had become.

I imagine given the practical considerations of making TV (if nothing else) the balance of early episodes will tip more towards character development than the early comics did.


I believe Gilliam was once attached to a movie of Good Omens back not long after it was published. Except at that time few producers really felt comfortable with making fun of the Apocalypse.

Now, though, with Lucifer, Preacher, American Gods, Little Evil and, of course, This Is The End, it’s practically as common a genre as Westerns.


If I remember correctly, timing was the reason it was nixed because 9/11 happened in the midst of planning the film.


Handing Terry Gilliam a lot of money and expecting the film to be made without major drama behind the scenes was probably a factor too.

Film are made despite fear, everyone who might be blamed if a film fails is well aware that it’s easier to say no to something than try and justify why they said yes.

‘Good Omens’ is odd, deliberately (and very effectively) so, it’s not surprising that it never became a film.