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I guess he’s too old for this shit?


I’ve really enjoyed it with Sean William Scott in the first 2 episodes of the new series. Incidently it’s his birthday today. I hope they replace him with someone decent. Snipes is due a come back of some sort.


I loved this show that nobody watched. At the time it was the least watched scripted show on one of the main five networks ever.


To be honest, there’s too many fantasy writers who seem to want the benefits of a series - latitude to build and develop a plot across multiple volumes - without the obligation to actually finish the bloody story.

I’m sure it happens in other genres, but in fantasy it’s a damn plague.

It’s why I like how Sanderson and Wurts try to keep their readers up to speed on where things are. There are some cases where things have gone terribly wrong, Scott Lynch being an example, he’s clearly had some major mental health issues over the last few years, in those cases I’ll be more supportive.


the way the show is based now and in the past has his family being the majority of the show so him exiting is more than just needing to replace 1 person. The whole show will need to be overhauled.

I think he has screwed over Fox pretty good. At the end of last season, they cancelled Lucifer and only gave Gotham a limited run to end the series in favor of not cancelling Lethal Weapon but now their Star doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Of course, he wants to return to the stage. I think that is because he pulled so much shit over the last several months no one is going be in a hurry to hire him for anything.



So it just like every other political commentary comedy show?


His first Netflix special was very good because of the angles he came at from the perspective of his heritage, I enjoyed it, but I think at the time I said it may not be what people are necessarily looking out of a comedy special.



Yeah I loved his special.




That looks pretty bad… =/

I mean the animations and design, don’t much care about the story (although the super modern speech is a bit jarring), but whatevs… obviously not intended for me… :smile:


That looks like it’s pretty perfectly done. I can see wee boys and girls both loving it, if I was a kid I’d be super excited.


With no prompting I just showed that She-Ra trailer to my 9 year old daughter. Her response was:

“We HAVE to watch this daddy”.

Never mind the middle aged blokes opinion, mission accomplished. :smile:


Well I explicitly said it’s not a show intended for me (aka “middle aged bloke”)… that said, the quality is not very good at all… sort of reminds me of some of those infamous early Dragon Ball Super episodes with REALLY shitty art & animations… but hey, it’s for kids, they probably won’t notice… or care.


The animation is not great to be fair, however it is better than every 80s cartoon ever. We enjoyed those well enough if the story was fun.


I’m so glad I grew up in the golden age of American studios dubbing over animes.


You grew up in the 1960s through to the current era?