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Aren’t they doing the ending for the show from his notes?


Yes but they’ve deviated pretty significantly from the books’ plot in places.


I don’t know, I think it’s kind of flattering. I mean, as a fantasy writer, isn’t that what it’s all about? What you want to achieve from the outset?


Huh. Interesting.

We already kind of knew this, what with the information that’s been coming out about American Gods. But it’s interesting to have it offial and see what Amazon is getting.

The British writer has signed an exclusive deal with the company to create television series that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

I wonder what they’ll be cooking up there. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect from this. I love Gaiman, but he’s not exactly an ideas man - it’s all in the execution with him, and his oevre is pretty small. I could honestly more easily see this kind of deal with Garth Ennis (who they’ve been working with on Preacher, after all).

I’m kind of hoping it leads to something like Neverwhere, really, only with a huge budget. That’d be a something to see.


Clearly not.



Not enough zombies, obviously.


It is kind of nuts that after being starved for decades there are so many comics based TV shows on now you forget some of them exist.


Did the second season ever air?


From the article:

The series’ second season concluded in June.


I’ve never even heard of it.



It’s always weird seeing little kid actors grow up over the years. Mad Men didn’t feel that long ago, yet here we are.



It aired in the UK over a year before the US, which was a bad sign.


Well, it should be :stuck_out_tongue:


Never saw much of Riverdale, but you have to respect they way these people relish taking those old books/shows and pumping as much sex and violence into them as they can.


I’m just glad it looks better than the comic it is directly based on.
Now THAT was one of the least creative, imaginative, or energetic reads I’ve read.

Don’t think it looks that good, but it has its own identity.
I’ve heard it’s going to be doing “homage” episodes, but that’s fairer than being an empty shell.


It’s not really much of an identity. This season of Riverdales villain is a demon called the Gargoyle King.


This could be really good. The movie attempts flamed out, but Netflix could have something quite special if they get it right.