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Can’t say I’m overly upset by this. It was good to have a video game show on the telly but it really wasn’t all that.


The only couple of times I watched it, I remember being a bit disappointed that it didn’t focus on the games as much as I would have liked. I guess that would have made it more of a niche show though.


I’m not overly surprised it’s been canned. The side-show it had for series 2 was missing for 3, which wasn’t a good sign for how it was performing. It had got fairly tiresome by the end of the third series too, especially Ellie Gibson thinking volume made up for the poor quality of her jokes.



In last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the band played the Green Hill Zone theme from Sonic as the transition music to commercial while introducing Jake Tapper as the next guest for no apparent reason other than it’s awesome.
What a beautiful and wonderful time to be alive!


Did the book series ever finish?


Not that it matters; see Game of Thrones…


Except that Jordan isn’t around to tell them how it ends.


Brandon Sanderson finished the last books based on Jordan’s notes.



Ya. Jordan left elaborate notes for the end of the series which his widow oversaw the completion of. Jordan and Martin were good friends. It’s why Martin gets testy when people ask if he’ll ever finish his series.



Sweet Zombie Jesus!
Well, on the plus side I’ll never watch it.
(I read 5 of those fucking books and I’m still furious about it.)


Gemstones centers on a “world famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed, and charitable work, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” per the series’ formal logline. McBride stars as Jesse Gemstone, the eldest son and “heir to the throne.” The cast also includes McBride’s Vice Principals co-star Edi Patterson (as Jesse’s sisterJudy), The Conners ‘ John Goodman (as Gemstone patriarch Eli) and Workaholics ‘ Adam Devine (as Jesse and Judy’s kid brother Kelvin).


I already need Walton Goggins and Steve Little as one-off characters introduced in a bid to “shake things up”.


This looks fantastic.


Seriously excited.
I think that Adam Devine is a perfect pick for the kind of series that McBride is old hat at doing over on HBO.


Going to be interesting to see what happens on this when the TV series has concluded next year. Will the TV series be perceived as the real finale with only the hardcore fanbase sticking to the books? Equally, can Martin diverge that much from the TV? Sure, you can say author’s privilege and all that but does that still work when it’s a blockbuster success?

About the only precedent I can think of is Lucas laying claim to his right as creator to do whatever he wanted to do to Star Wars - generally adding unneeded 'noooooooo’s - and it’s known how that went down.


Can we just accept that Martin isn’t going to finish the books?


People are saying (whether they realise it or not) that they’re going to be more cut up about him not finishing the books than about him dying one day.

That would make anyone testy.