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Yes, sled him in the rosebud, too.


Guess The Boys is actually happening


Wait, did we know that Karl Urban is playing Billy?


Yeah, it was announced a while back.
But him looking like Andy Serkis is new to everyone.


Andy Serkis is playing him, in mocap, as a CGI Karl Urban, made up to look like Andy Serkis.


It’s the role he was born to play.


Of course!

So simple.


They missed out not casting Simon Pegg as Hughie


Pegg is 48 now.


Heh. Mark Hamill is three years older than me. Gives me hope!


Yeah, make way for the yung’uns


A new hope?




Oddly coincidental with BBC Two rebranding, Channel 4 is rebranding its channels too.

I think the only one that works for me is 4 Music (and the original C4 one, obvs).


They’re okay, to be honest only fairly small variations on the original design from 1982.


Yeah, that’s pretty much the main difference; previously they all had their own logos:

I think the new logos are a bit of a step down. I’m sure I’ll get used to them.


As part of the revamp, BBC Two will on Thursday drop its on-screen identity based around physical representations of the number two, which it has used in various forms since the early 90s. This will be replaced by a series of colourful visualisations based on a simple curve, which the controller said represented the channel’s “constant evolution, constant eclecticism, constant sense of quality”. It is also easier to rework and cheaper to create than the old branding.

FFS. In one paragraph they moan that they haven’t got enough money to make programmes, in the next they say they’re wasting what they do have on arty-farty logos that represent some bollocks the viewers don’t care about.

Who honestly watches a TV channel because you like its logo?



I think E4 will suffer most because they’ve really made their logo into an entity of its own with some distinctive (and well produced) idents. They’ll have to go some to achieve the same with their new one.

I think idents do matter, to some degree. Sky One has never managed to settle on one design for more than a couple of years (nor whether it’s Sky One or Sky 1) and it’s helped contribute to the fact that the channel doesn’t have much of an identity beyond just being where imported shows end up. Whereas Sky Atlantic’s cinematic snapshots help create that “premium US drama” feel it goes for.


I diasagree that they matter. The programme names in the TV guide are the only things that make you flip to any given channel, and if anyone ever told me otherwise I frankly wouldn’t believe them.

I am completely blank on what Sky Atlantic uses, though I must have watched it enough times. And my main impression of Sky One’s current set is that they are all bloody annoying. My first thought when I see the BBC things is “How much of my license fee did they spend on these hippopotamuses swimming round?”

Could be worse, though. It could be a Tui commercial :scream: