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Me too. I think they’d be perfect for it!


In a piece titled, “No Sex Please, We’re Apple: iPhone Giant Seeks TV Success on Its Own Terms” (behind a subscription wall, sorry), readers are treated to a series of delightfully absurd vignettes featuring Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Hollywood-monitoring executives going way, way overboard by attempting to sanitize every last bit of content that could possibly find its way onto the new Apple streaming service they’ve been ramping up for the past several years. It kicks off with Cook vetoing the Dr. Dre-inspired drama Vital Signs , with its drugs, orgy scene, and brandished handguns (“too violent,” the CEO frets) and only gets sillier from there.

Yes, guns, which were okay for your grandfather’s favorite Western series Gunsmoke , are apparently not so okay for Apple. Other incidents of corporate meddling in the company’s creative acquisitions include replacing the showrunner of its Jennifer Aniston- and Reece Witherspoon-starring comedy series and forcing the show to tone down some of its racier comedy (as well as making it “more upbeat”); replacing the showrunner for its revival of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories after finding the planned version “a little dark”; and, best of all, asking M. Night Shyamalan’s team to remove the crucifixes hanging in the home of a couple on his mysterious new show, presumably because they didn’t want to acknowledge, you know, the existence of religion.

Sounds like everything is going great there.


Apple and Sony really should merge. Maybe with a bunch of WB execs. And go for a sail. On the Titanic.


That’s a cruise.


I’m 100% in.



I love Wild Cards Miqque but this movie is about drugs not a superpower giving virus and there are no jokers in the movie from what i can tell.


So similar but no cigar. Cool.




Halle Berry Will Executive Produce ‘Boomerang’ TV Series With Lena Waithe


Poor guy. They’ve obviously gave him the wrong sign. This is clearly the second season.





Rupert is 87 and nearly done. It must be hard to see the Empire you built up being sold off now for parts, cashing in after your entire life dedicated to building up a kingdom. And having sons who clearly want an empire of their own making instead. Considering all that money will be money that can never be spent, I wonder if Rupert thinks it was all worthwhile. Now at the end is he reflecting back and feeling regrets. Probably not, he seems like a complete cunt, but it’d be comforting if he was.


Pretty much.

I guess Sky’s going to get a huge influx of customers now from all those people who proudly say “I would get Sky, but I don’t want Murdoch getting any of my money”.


From Murdoch to Comcast. That’s like trading out Lucifer for Beelzebub.


It does cross your mind, you think of the Koch brothers campaigning endlessly in a similar way for more tax breaks and the like when they have so much money they can do whatever they want for 500 years. Maybe Rupert has spent a decade fighting for that extra 4% profit he’ll get from a larger stake in Sky and realised it is all rather pointless.

Not to be too much of a hippy but I’d guess Bill Gates is happier in himself thinking he’s made more money than a dozen countries but can spend the second half of his life trying to prevent kids dying from Aids and Malaria.


Fuck Murdoch in the