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You mean he might be too young? :confused:

The Hilda books are brilliant if you’re an adult :slight_smile:







Damn. Comcast played hardball. Expensive hardball.


Pffft. I don’t pay anywhere near that for my Sky!



I can’t say I’m not getting some enjoyment from this story.

Murdoch has spent a decade trying to get the regulators to allow him to buy the majority share of Sky, even restructuring his organisation, and once he finally overcomes that hurdle Comcast come in at the last minute and outbid him.


First thing Comcast has done in a while of which I approve. Anything to stifle Murdoch I consider a good thing.

BTW, I consider Comcast a bit of a mule when it comes to being a customer. I have to use the carrot and the stick (mostly the stick) to get them to fulfill their half of the contract. I pay them, so I’m good. All they have to do is provide a consistent signal, and they have tremendous difficulty doing so, particularly if the temperature is >90°F or <30°F, and tend towards random outages. They sure are adamant about bill-paying though, which is right where I have them by the ear and demand proper service.


I doubt their ownership will make much difference there. Sky already have their own setup and infrastructure. It also makes a huge amount of money which is why the ownership was so coveted.

I suspect at least for a year or two they’ll just let it run itself as they merge.


Perkins and Giedroyc play misfits Fran and Jamie, who stumbled into a career in contract killing. Working out of their scruffy van, each episode follows the hapless duo as they try to carry out their latest hit, inevitably derailed by incompetence, bickering, and inane antics. As each hit goes south, the pair are thrown into one bizarre misadventure after another, each full of oddball characters and unexpected dilemmas. As the mishaps rack up, Fran and Jamie’s friendship is put through the wringer. While affable goof Jamie seems content to spend her days hanging out with her best mate, the more sensitive Fran starts to question whether it’s really the life she wants. Will their friendship survive their trials and tribulations? More to the point, as the jobs get increasingly dangerous, will they even survive?

Hitmen is written by Joe Parham, who co-wrote feature film The Festival, and Joe Markham, who wrote kids series The Amazing World of Gumball. It will air on Sky One. The producer will be Arnold Widdowson and the executive producers will be Myfanwy Moore and Siobhan Bachman.


I quite like Mel and Sue but I kind of expect them to act much the same about a dead body as a cake dropped on the floor. Maybe that’s what they’re aiming for.


Sue had her own sitcom which she also wrote a few years back. I don’t remember her acting being very good on it though.

Mel’s acted in a bunch of stuff.


I like Mel and Sue a lot (and I liked Sue’s previous sitcom Heading Out), but a lot of the adjectives in that description scream “forced wackiness” to me. I always preferred their real-life off-the-cuff stuff like Light Lunch.


Sue had her own sitcom on BBC2 a few years ago. It was weird, and not in a good way. Weirdest of all, it was scheduled against another brand new sitcom on BBC3, the much stronger Bluestone 42, which ended up running til the channel folded. Not the outcome you’d expect from a name star on BBC2 against no-names on 3.

Hitmen sounds oddly familiar. Haven’t half a dozen other shows sort of done the same style of thing recently? Not necessarily with hitmen, but comedies about ordinary, hapless people getting caught up in high stakes adventure. The Wrong Mans, Bounty Hunters, Witless, another one I can’t remember the name of.


There was Spy, with Darren Boyd.

The Wrong Mans is getting a remake too, starring Jillian Bell.


Amazing World Of Gumball is pretty funny though, so it’s got that going for it.


Yeah, that’s what Im thinking. They themselves are kind of forced wackiness, I’d much rather see forced wackiness put upon two more dramatic style actors for comic effect, I think that gives much more to play with. If it was something with stakes that aren’t quite as high… like a The Detectives reboot with Mel and Sue as Carrot and Powell’s grown up daughters.


I’d watch that! I used to love The Detectives.