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It sounds like CBS should sue him for being a terrible boss and depriving them of lost revenue.




I wasn’t crazy about Butchers Block but Channel Zero is still the best horror on tv right now.



My guess is his character is a robot.




Years ago I used to do a thing where I said “question mark” after every question. Stoned people love it.



Set built for His Dark Materials.


None of those materials look very dark.


They can film at night.


But will he be crying in every scene? :thinking:


What’s weird is how very similar this shot is to a model diorama I made as a late teen - 19 or so. Mostly kitbashed, mine was, using an Addams Family House from Aurora (I think), and a Campbell’s Saloon and two or three other Campbell kits for parts. Mine was HO scale. This looks bigger.


Here’s an example of a Campbell’s kit (one of my favorites). This has close-up of the packages of parts and such. Usually, they’re pre-cut scale wood (lots of that), plastic parts, maybe diecast or metal small parts, and a big old plan one tacks down and puts waxed paper over and builds right on top.



Seven episodes.

I still haven’t watched S6, but as it’s ending, I’ll probably catch up.


Honestly, this is one time I wish it was longer.
The previous season really did wrap up everything but the final-season-plot but 7 episodes? Maybe a tight 10 would have worked. All these characters - gonna be sad to see 'em go.


Season six is a bit of a step down, but still good. Worth seeing how it all pans out at this stage.