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Doctor Who fans will know the ‘Bad Wolf’ reference.

It’s the production company and studio setup by Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner who produced the Who revival in 2005.


Here’s more fuel for the anti-Disney fire:




They should just cancel the series. I don’t know if many people care anymore about it.


I’m fairly certain we’re never getting a second series, and it’s just dying a slow, protracted, horrible, public death.


:laughing: That’s almost something out of Yes Minister. “You’re not fired, of course not, we’d just prefer that you did absolutely nothing involved with your job”.


Technically I think it’s knows as “a window seat”.

Stay in your office and look out the window. That’s all.


After reading this article, I get the impression that Disney, as an entity, is running scared. I’m not saying they are afraid but they are blocking production and removing people who may rock the boat. Trump’s boat especially.

They NEED the government to OK the Fox merger and are doing anything and everything they can to suck up to him. Despite being a racist monster, they apologized to Roseanne while firing Gunn and letting Barris out of his contract. the Blackish episode that was highly critical of Trump got squashed as well. Hopefully they will come to their senses when the merger gets approved, but we’ll see when and if that happens.
Hopefully things do not become more anxious for Disney or we may see them become identical to Fox News.


Did they?

She’s out, the show with her name on it was scrapped and now it’s being replaced with ‘The Connors’ which will feature everyone except her.


oops, I read a Google result that said Ben Sherwood apologizes to Roseanne. Clicking on the link the full title is he apologizes to Roseanne 's staff. sorry about that.


I think that ultimately Disney is now very clearly a business like Tesco or Wallmart. If an employee fucks up they will fire them. If a store wants to have a political rally head office will say no. They are too big to fail, they only care about brand because brand maximises profits.

Never forget that Disney worked with politicians from both sides of the aisle to make sure they fucked up public domain laws for everyone, probably forever. Their only political colour is dollar green.


I agree completely. That is why they are Pro-Trump at the moment. My worry is that they currently have control over projects which i am very invested in and I do not want them influenced by this.


I’m finding it hard to assauge your worries, Disney will always just do what gets the biggest return on their investment without damaging the overall brand.


Disney also have Ike, and Ike like Trump. They’re not going to be any kind of liberal bastion - they’re as right wing as the NFL. They know who their audience is, even though they try their best to play both sides.

It’s amazing just how much goodwill the Marvel movies have brought to the Disney brand. 12 years ago it was a cynical company cashing in on impressionable young kids, today it’s a loveable force for good in the world. Disney always have been and always will be a company first and foremost focused on fucking you out of all your money.



Hey, that looks really good. My kid may be too old, but I’ll see if I can get him to watch it with me.


It’s a shame it’s been disintegrating this badly. Season One didn’t quite work, but I loved a lot of moments in it.


The CBS Purge continues…


Hopefully this means they’re free to pursue Anansi Boys.