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A contuity error? In the Simpsons?


I hope you were sitting down when you read the article.

You must be shocked and stunned!



There’ll be one in Doctor Who next.


If they mess up Salem I’m going to be really angry :pouting_cat:


It’s based on a really boring series already, so I don’t have much hope.



Not even a little bit. And it doesn’t seem like comedy is a good genre for Garner, either.




That’s cool, except there’s legit no controversy. Everyone addressed the skit and moved on immediately afterwards.




Here i was thinking Moonves would skate. What might be really interesting is that I do believe Julie Chen’s The Talk is coming back live today (Monday the 10th). Also surprised this basically broke on a Sunday - during Meet the Press I think. (Had a fever today, saw three football and one baseball game, passed out a bit and not too clear on this point.)

With @Jim’s points about Disney, this is also going to make for fascinating fodder on The View. (I don’t like most celeb news or such, but I tend to catch The View at ten, some news, and have TMZ on while engaging in my oh-so-busy life. TMZ is on opposite The Talk, which i haven’t caught in forever.)

Next Point: Jeopardy! Season 33 starts tomorrow. It may be Alex’s last season, so he grew a beard. Also, the site is totally redesigned and launched an hour or two ago. New daily NYT single clue, new daily J6 Game with cumulative scores! (Mine reset, so I totally screwed the pooch on Day 1 of new game interface.)

The American Ninja Warrior season finale, Las Vegas Finals, is tonight (Monday). My friend Jessie Graff is not competing, being away on a secret project. Last week she was able to say in public she’s been working stunts on Wonder Woman: 1984! A whole bunch of my friends have ended up working on Wonder Woman; I wonder what that means?


I am curious about Julie Chen’s future with CBS. I can see staying to at least to the end of her contract unless the network just buy her out so they can cut all ties to Moonves. My wife loved The Talk but since Aisha Tyler left and they brought on Eve, she barely watches it anymore. (Christel hoped they would hire Carrie Ann Inaba as she had great chemistry with the other women when she was filling in for one of the regulars.) All eyes will be on Julie today and not in the way she would want.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie ends up filing for divorce in the next six months or so. Considering she starting seeing Les when he was married to his first wife, none of what has come out should surprise her though. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew about a lot of this (and more) already.


Good for him. The person that posted about him working at Trader Joe’s - which is not a bad thing at all - came across like an insufferable ass.


I can’t remember when I first realised that appearing on TV or in movies didn’t automatically mean that an actor was rich. Most of them pay the bills with day jobs that have flexible hours, so they can audition and take the jobs that do come along.

I do know that the scene in ‘True Romance’ with Michael Rapaport auditioning for one line in an episode of ‘TJ Hooker’ came from Tarantino’s personal experience. His acting teacher in LA was James Best (the Sherrif in ‘The Dukes of Hazard’) and he emphasised that actors in LA would earn most of their acting money doing tiny roles in TV and film, while working day jobs and pushing for bigger roles wherever they could get them (fringe theatre etc.).

And Owens works, he gets roles. He’s obviously liked and trusted by casting people and producers, but acting is a tough field with a lot of competition.


I think that stands for most people who become famous - I’ve been going on about comic book creators for a long time. I feel bad for folks who become internet famous. A handful of them seem to turn their fame into a good income but I think for lots of them they don’t get alot out of being internet famous.

There are so many famous people now though that I think it’s getting harder to track who a person is. So you might get recognized by someone while you’re shopping in Target, but it’d be a rare occurrence.