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That’s an… odd choice. I’ve only played the last third game but isn’t Geralt supposed to be an older man?


A moustache could help convey that.


Maybe some necksnapping, too.


Spent the weekend in Toronto at FanExpo Canada.
I went to a number of panels and met celebrities. Met Robin Lord Taylor of Gotham who said they are going to be pulling out all the stops in Gotham and we will be seeing more of the Penguin iconography but that he will NOT be gaining any weight during this last season. He was very enjoyable to talk to.

I also went to panels for Killjoys and Wynonna Earp. The actor who plays Prima, the barkeep on Killjoys is even more outgoing than the character and entertained the entire audience. Killjoys will have 1 more season after the current one.
The Wynonna panel was very fun and proved to me that it is tough to be a man on that set.:grin: Tim Rozon who plays Doc is very good natured and took a lot of ribbing over his character’s recent poor life choices. The actors are very much like their characters and Melanie Scarfano who plays Wynonna seems to have as filthy a mouth as Wy and she is also very infatuated with innuendo.



Watch some online troll call it Law and Order: SJW.




God damn it, they need to stop skirting around it and just bring back Law & Order prime.






They realize this is a bad thing, right?


It’s already sold as a Netflix original over here



That still doesn’t look very funny.


This could go in several threads, but it’s TV so;

Gerry Anderson’s shows are time capsule, they had to build everything at the correct scale for the puppets, so they really did distill what their eras considered to be the cutting edge of style.