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There’s still Showtime.


Seems like Amazon Prime’s sports coverage is suffering some teething problems.





Esmail — with his wife, actress Emmy Rossum — is also set to adapt The Hollywood Reporter 's Angelyne feature story and is readying a miniseries based on Fritz Lang’s sci-fi classic Metropolis, all via his Universal Cable Productions deal.

I had forgotten about Metropolis. I love the movie and I think it worked so well because of when it was made. A modern take is going to have a steep hill to climb.


What I’m taking away from that quote is that he’s married to Emmy Rossum. Lucky dude, right there.


Looks like they tried to do it themselves which is a mistake. There was a Wales v South Africa rugby match in Washington a couple of months back and the company promoting it tried their own coverage for the first time and it was dreadful.

A week later Wales played in Argentina and they used an experienced ESPN team and it was great. There’s a real skill to sports coverage, it’s fast and demanding.

(For those that may be confused I realise ESPN may show little to no rugby on their US channels, NBC do what is shown now, but they have been providing the camera service in Argentina for many years and know what they are doing).

They should outsource it to begin with until they develop the skills in-house. Sky are really good at soccer coverage, if Amazon do a half arsed job on those EPL games they have they’ll be ripped into far more loudly and publicly than the tennis.


I think you could do a modern take on Metropolis, delving into the themes of worker’s rights, replace the hereditary rulers with something something late-stage capitalism, update the look and feel to be cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk . In many ways Mister Robot already is thematically similar, actually.


You can apply that to a lot of TV… and movies… and life I guess?

Why hire experienced people when you can cheap it out and hope eh?

Bane of my professional life.


The synopsis reads like a Hollywood version of ‘The Kraken Wakes’.




Wasn’t that confirmed years ago at this point?


I think the info that it wasn’t Jackson singing is new, but I could be wrong.




Oh, that’s still supposed to be actually happening?

The Boys is definitely one of those I’ll Believe It When I See It things. But after Preacher and Happy!, I guess pretty much anything is possible.


I’ll watch Esposito in just about anything.


It isn’t new, but that it’s officially stated may be. Great episode all the same.