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Nah, this show was basically “The Soup” reborn, which is a far cry from the largely interchangeable Kimmel/Colbert/Fallon/Corden format. Skits (let alone elaborate skits) were pretty rare - that clip I posted was certainly the most expensive thing they ever did.

(I rarely laugh at shows but laughed a few times re-watching that clip.)

Oh well, it was good while it lasted.



That’s going to get confusing with the other The Boys that’s on it’s way.


I don’t really like when the BBC do this, it feels like a death knell of sorts. However, the reason may be in order to increase the budget to let the Peaky Blinders go to America. If that’s the case, I’m on board.


I don’t know, I always considered it an acknowledgement of success. It doesn’t happen that often for drama but a fair bit with sitcoms and comedy shows, stuff like Little Britain, Gavin and Stacey and The Office were promoted up the channels from BBC2 or BBC3. Maybe I’m missing examples of where it meant otherwise.

*For those not as familiar with how BBC channels work, they tend to get lower ratings the higher the channel number goes. BBC1 is their mainstream channel and the others are aimed at more niche viewers.


Wasn’t the show ditched by the BBC after 2 series and picked up by Amazon or someone similar?


That was Ripper Street.


You probably arent, I can’t think of any examples off hand, it could very well be me putting two and two together and making 22. :joy: It always seems the last few series get shown on BBC 1 but is probably likely that was how long the show was going to last either way. It’s a sign of success but I’m sure it has happened to series where they haven’t performed on BBC 1 as well as hoped but I can’t think of any.

Edit: Ripper Street started on BBC 1 iirc, it could possibly have done much better on BBC 2 with a lot more creative leeway on the elements of prostitution. For a TV show named Ripper Street it was incredibly tame.


Aha! Thank you.


I don’t hate the show the way some people seem to. But it has run its course.


Now’s the time for it to really get dark.


It happened to QI. Moved to BBC One after a five years of success on BBC Two and something just didn’t quite click with the move (partly going pre-watershed). Along with tepid ratings, it moved back to BBC Two after two or three years.

Only Connect got moved from BBC Four to Two and has been dicked around somewhat because of it - moved around the schedules with every half series, series structure has changed continually to suit different episode order counts.

Those are rare exceptions though.


Our long national nightmare is almost over.

The announcement about The Big Bang Theory coming to an end comes just two weeks after CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said at TCA that “w don’t believe it’s the final season; we are in preliminary discussions to renew he show with the studio that produces it, Warner Bros.”

They probably did the math and realized how expensive it would be to keep going with how much they would have had to pay the cast…



Created, written and executive produced by Iannucci, Avenue 5 is set in the future, mostly in space. Laurie will play the lead Ryan Clark, the charming and in-control American Captain of Avenue 5.



Huh. Space comedy. This seems to be becoming a thing again now.



Race Across The World is an adventure series in a similar vein to CBS’ The Amazing Race which pits pairs of travellers against each other in a race to reach the Far East without taking a single flight, with no smartphone in sight. Each contestant will only have the cash equivalent of an air fare to their destination to pay for their overland travel. If they run out, they’ll need to earn more. Setting out on the adventure of a lifetime, the couples will hit the open road using whatever mode of transport they can – from trains to pickup trucks, from ferries to tuk-tuks – crossing continents and experiencing travel the way we once used to.

I’m not keen on the “If they run out [of money], they’ll need to earn more” aspect. The Amazing Race had something similar for a few seasons, where teams who finished last on a non-elimination leg had their money taken away and would have to beg on the streets, but they eventually realised rich westerners begging for money in poor countries was a bad look.


That is great news. If people like Rich Dotcom, they should check him as Wexler on the cancelled too soon Dark Matter. I was upset reading that article that they did not mention his recurring role on Dark Matter.