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Releasing the same day as Bojack Horseman S5 for some reason.


Mrs. Fletcher is described as a dual coming-of-age story that examines the impact of internet porn and social media on the lives of an empty nest mother (Hahn’s title character) and her college freshman son (played by Middle guest star Jackson White).

Happy EndingsCasey Wilson co-stars Jane Rosen, a married mother of academically gifted twins who also happens to be Eve’s close friend and a reliable source of emotional support and unsolicited advice. Bloodline ‘s Owen Teague and Nashville ‘s Jen Richards round out the full-time cast.

The book is okay, but it would easily be adaptable into a movie. They’ll have to add a lot to make it a TV series.




I understand that criticism for Wolf’s show (also it wasn’t very good), but the Joel McHale Show was something else, and incredibly cheap TV. This is the most elaborate bit from the 1.5 seasons that were produced by Netflix (pretty funny stuff):


I hope it’s better than the movie. That got so waylaid appeasing backers with every conceivable bit of fan-wankery, it forgot to tell a good story.


The point is more that the content nor budget doesn’t necessarily matter, neither trended how Netflix wanted them to so they are gone. You have a title and a photo to interest people on there, that’s all, it doesn’t matter how good (or bad) it is, if something is called The Josh McHale Show and that’s all the info I have, chances are I’m gonna watch a stand up show instead, at least I know what I’m getting.



Man, no wonder that thing tanked.


What’d you think of the skit I posted?


Ooh, TEOTFW is getting a season 2.
I hope it goes full anthological like the showrunner mentioned when the first season dropped. Go full Stray Bullets/Fargo with it.


I didn’t click it because that show has been cancelled. :smiling_imp:


But it’s Joel McHale - from The Soup, and Community? And Spider-Man 2!

Produced by and sometimes featuring Paul Feig!

Pizza Ghost!


Do you just not want him to click on the video or something?


Oh, Pizza Ghost isn’t in this clip.

(and I thought you’d be all in on Joel McHale.)


Well, that’ll definitely get me to watch the video with the guy from the failed US reboot of the IT Crowd in it.


It’s fine but I wasn’t referring to quality at all as I’d seen neither show. It’s that a man doing a monologue to camera with jokes followed by a sketch is what others do too like Jimmy Kimmel.

I’m happy to believe his was the best one but I’m looking more commercially it’s a hard sell and I don’t think what the Netflix format is best suited for. Maybe if they could get something going viral like Carpool Karaoke or Mean Tweets it would help but I didn’t see that happening.



No wonder that show failed…


Here’s a good article regarding Netflix and it’s standup shows: