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The big problem here is that shows like that are just going to bounce off people right now, they need a really solid idea behind the show and neither has much of a usp. A show with a nobody visiting film sets will out trend these simply because it has a unique selling point. A show with a name attached that has a usp will be a massive trending hit.

See comedians in cars drinking coffee for instance. I doubt anywhere near the creative work goes into that as the shows just cancelled but we live in an age where a video shot in someone’s bedroom can get watched by millions of people.


No, this is big news.
My take is behind the scenes they knew it had to be good/great from the pilot with a potential to be great/awesome.
Someone upstairs knows you can’t end up with a trainwreck on this one, and they took care in making the decision to go all in.

Of course I could be wrong, yet I’ve never been proven wrong.
Maybe my opinion is wrong from another’s point of view, but then opinions can’t be wrong so they’re the ones that are wrong. Fact!

Anyone anti-Lindelof needs to watch The Leftovers.
Brilliant, maybe not for everyone, but I definitely have faith in the man.
(Provided he is not f**ked with from upstairs, like anybody.)

This is good news.


It’s an over saturated market anyway. There are dozens of these shows on network TV in the US every night. They also have that immediacy of joking about the news and promoting new movies etc that don’t work with catchup TV.

If I were Netflix I wouldn’t bother and put my energies into stand-up shows which seem to be doing very well but if they insist then yes they have to make them very distinct.


Haven’t seen Leftovers yet, but while I did love Lost - in spite of its flaws - I am not a great fan of much of Lindelof’s work (Tomorrowland, World War Z, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Prometheus, Cowboys vs. Aliens… all just okay, sometimes barely). So I had mixed feelings about this, but that letter he wrote in the style of the Doc Manhattan-told chapter of Watchmen (and the decision to tell something new, not just the same story again or a bloody prequel) got me on board, and I’m happy to see this going to series.


Who you gonna call? Winchesters!




The casting news for the Magnum reboot is very good, I still don’t have much interest in the show.


The actor playing TC (the helicopter pilot) is a friend of my niece, so I hope the series does well for his sake.


The Good Place won the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, for The Trolley Problem.

I rewatched S2 last week, and it’s still really great.


Another review of the Ducktales season finale:


Can i just say, endless links to reviews of DuckTales finale isn’t “news” and those episodes haven’t aired in the UK yet.


News and Miscellany. It’s in the thread title.

That said, sorry for not putting a spoiler warning. I guess part of me assumed you got it early like a lot of other things.



We don’t get enough of that with YouTube?


Since I installed an adblocker, I haven’t seen an add in youtube, sooo maybe it’ll work the same? =P





It not really a big deal for me between episodes. Even on the non-commercial BBC you get trailers between shows.

It surprised me when impatience got the better on shows like LOST and I downloaded torrents from broadcast that the trails aired in massive swoosh graphics taking up half the screen when you’re trying to follow the story.