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People have talked about an Operation Nightfall series since the early days of 24 - I guess that’s one possible route they could go.


Interesting comparison with the new cast of The Crown and the real royals at the time it is set (1970s).

Prince Charles (josh O’Connor)

Prince Phillip (Tobias Menzies)

Queen Mother (Marion Bailey)

Princess Anne (Erin Doherty)

Lord Snowdon (Ben Daniels)

Harold Wilson PM (Jason Watkins)

Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Coleman)

Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham-Carter)

Some not bad likenesses considering it’s before makeup and costumes.


Yeah Prince Charles wishes… :smile:


That one is the biggest stretch for me but at least he does have sticky out ears. :smile:


That can’t be an actual photo of the Queen. She’s smiling and actually looks happy.


She’s smiling, but it’s this kind of smile.





Wow… A TV show me and my mother can both enjoy equally.


Josh Groban is an actor now???


Has he not been acting on stage for years?


Dunno. Just thought of him as a singer.


Years back, he played an exaggerated version of himself on Glee. He was pretty funny.


We tend to do that but a lot pf performers are naturally trained at both from young. I remember some people being surprised Catherine Zeta Jones could sing and dance in ‘Chicago’ but as she was raised near me the local newspapers reported the dozens of West End musicals she did as a teenager before the TV and then movie gigs that made her famous.

It is a lot like “Fame” except that’s probably less realistic as they all are presented with a lot of specialities.

There’s a viral video of a drunk Benerdict Cumberbatch at a wedding disco somewhere and he’s a really good dancer. We may never see that on film but he will be because they train people to be at drama school. So Groban was singled out for his singing but he may well have been acting since he was young.

Edit: Found the Cumberbatch video:



Starring Alex Kingston, obviously.