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Apparently they did the first draft for the new Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruise movie too, but again, not enough to be credited.


Writers get rewritten for a lot of reasons, quality isn’t the biggest one.

I don’t know them and don’t know what they’ve done, or not done, but if this falls flat… Amazon will survive (although the embarrassment will be enormous) but it could end many other careers.




New full Animals Season 3 Trailer


Complete series and extras! Mill Creek has bunches of good stuff.
Saving up for the Batman: TAS.


And … Sin City TV? It can happen.




There was an early announcement about plans for a TV series last year, wasn’t there? Presumably this means that whole thing is dead.


Yeah, it was a Weinstein show. The bankruptcy is why he got the rights back.


Yeah no, Sin City’s not gonna be adapted for anything any time soon in this climate… :smile:


I’ve been looking forward to Maniac since it was announced. Great cast, great director. Could be something really special.





Obvious and best casting choice is Peter Dinklage, and he’ll have finished ‘Game of Thrones’ by then. Would he be interested?


Dinklage as Randall would be fantastic. He can do comedy well.


Euphoria, based on the Israeli series of the same name from HOT, follows a group of high school students as they navigate drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship. Zendaya leads the cast that also includes Storm Reid, Maude Apatow, Brian “Astro” Bradley, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Hunter Schafer and Sydney Sweeney.


Welcome to Day Care with the Stars.