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It looks the right way to go. Respect for the franchise but move it on with a new start.


Wee problem.

“Buffy runs across rooftops to catch up, and leaps onto the top of the bus. The entire town of Sunnydale collapses into the Hellmouth cavern, leaving a large crater.”

I’d have somebody else - oddly also named Buffy Summers - move to a whole new town, with references to “Craterville”. That could be the source of the Bads. Don’t need the same crew, Watcher(s) or much more than One Buffy and Many Monsters.

It does kinda write itself.


I’d definitely be way more down for a sequel series, but I’m still not sure that’s the direction they’re taking. I guess we’ll find out at some point.


I’ve been waiting for this story to break for months now:



What has Julie Chen been hiding in the Big Brother house?

Why has this not been talked about on The Talk?

Will the table have a viewpoint on The View?

Tune in tomorrow to find out whose hand has been on who’s hinder!


Julie met Les when he was still married to his previous wife. She’s no innocent.


I was being just a little facetious. Julie is really smart, and on the top level of TV production for a long time now. I don’t think there are many “secrets”. It is a time for those anything but a Victorian gentleman (such as I) to fear the least loose-lipped commentary. I’ve been accused of racism; but luckily that particular incident was fully caught on videotape and I came out the better. Who knows what really went on? I know the egos in the biz are huge, and when folks don’t get what they want they turn into big loud babies. (Both or any sexes - I’m talking behavior.)

Ronan Farrow has solid credentials. He could become a witch hunter, but I think he relies too much on his reputation at this point. He’ll likely show up on Amanpour this week to talk about it.



The Manga was not bad. It was like the Nolan version of Ultraman. Not quite Urasawa’s PLUTO but worth the investment.


I don’t know. I’m uneasy about him. He is the most notable person in the story. Reminds me of Geraldo.

Again, these are charges that should be seen in legal proceedings. Even if there is witchcraft, if it doesn’t go to court in one form or another, it is a witch hunt.

Ironically, the actual witch hunts of Salem and Jacobean England actually did go before magistrates. So, in that sense, this is worse than a witch hunt. It’s simple mob justice.


I started seeing rumors about this article back in January so I’m sure insiders knew about this before then. Moonves and CBS knee this was going to come out at some point. I think they were hoping it would happen after the CBS/Viacom shit show was settled. This is definitely going to fuck that up even more.


You get that witch hunts were a bad thing because there’s no such thing as witches, right?


@PaulF is a witch!



Yet the witch hunts were real. And mob justice is very real.

The essential problem I have is the sense that the perceived crimes and criminals are so bad that any punishment is justified without any sort of due process.


That’s not what several respected judges said, Paul.


Yeah, I’ve been waiting for this to drop, too. It’s been hinted at on the Hollywood gossip sites for months.

One interesting thing about this is that’s happening during a corporate power struggle between the Redstone family and CBS.

I’m far removed from whatever shenanigans were going on, but after Weinstein got taken down, I can certainly see the #metoo movement being leveraged as a weapon in corporate warfare.


The first season of the anthology series, dubbed THEM: Covenant, is set in 1953 and centers on Alfred and Lucky Emory, a couple who decide to move their family from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood. The family’s home on “a tree lined, seemingly idyllic street becomes ground zero where malevolent forces both real and supernatural threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.”


They’ve done work on the new Star Trek sequel (and uncredited work on the first draft for Beyond), but that’s about it.


Hopefully they have a lot more uncredited work that has given them the experience they’re going to need.